5 Useful Tips How To Find a Good Tax Attorney


No matter whether you are a native-born American or you have just moved to the US, one of the most important things you should care about is your taxes. Maybe you have some IRS problems, state taxes issues or you want to start a business – the best way for you to avoid any problems with the law is to have a professional consultation with a tax attorney.

Of course, you can prepare your taxes by yourself but more and more people decide to let an expert do this work.

Well, obviously tax law is complicated and requires years of experience to become a professional attorney. That’s why hiring tax attorneys can be expensive but in many cases, you can simply find a  good tax expert and it will be enough to handle some difficulties in a more affordable way.

But keep in mind that you should always look for a lawyer if the IRS is threatening legal action. Also, we recommend requesting a tax attorney if you need advice on the tax consequences of your business or estate plan.

Ask people you trust for a recommendations

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We always feel safer if someone we trust (friends or family) can advise us and share their own experience to rely on. You may also consult other professionals that you use – if you have a financial advisor, he or she probably can make a referral.

Search the Internet 

Today there are plenty of websites dedicated to helping people find an attorney who specializes in tax law, taking into account your location and budget. Your state or local bar association’s website may provide you a list of attorneys and areas of law the are practice in.

If you are more ‘social media’ person, than you can also ask your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media users who will definitely give you a link on someone they know.

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Don’t be shy to ask about the qualification

It’s very important to be confident that your lawyer is professional and able to represent your interests. You should feel free to ask for a license to practice.

Pay attention to the attorney’s experience in handling similar issues like yours – you should be aware whether this person can win your case and spare you from financial difficulties like wage garnishments or bank levies.

If your tax professional doesn’t specialize in your area, something could potentially go wrong.

Make sure you feel comfortable

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Unfortunately, sometimes even a highly qualified attorney could be a very unpleasant person and this will make a situation even more complicated.

A good tax lawyer usually has great communication skills so it won’t be a problem to explain to you some aspects you don’t know or just to make an atmosphere more comfortable and relaxed.

The cost

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You can’t ignore the cost of tax attorney services as it could be too much for your budget. Usually, lawyers has hourly fees that could range from $200 to over $450 per hour, depending on the attorney’s experience, firm location etc.

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