5 Unbeatable Wooden Gifts For Him


Men are difficult to buy any gift for because they often don’t provide any direction. He may say, “I have everything I need,” and this vague answer gives you absolutely no hint about what the individual will want.


But we’re here to help you get through the gift-giving process and leave him gleaning from ear to ear.

If you need some help finding an unbeatable gift, there are five wooden options listed below that you can be sure that he’ll love.

Beer Mugs

If the person in your life likes to drink beer, one of the best items you can give him is a wooden beer mug. These mugs offer a masculine, rustic feel. The recipient will feel like a true Viking with a beer mug that is:

  • Filled with their favorite ale
  • Engraved with his name, preferred quote or design
  • 100% safe to drink from

And if you purchase your mug from teslyar.com, you’ll be confident that the mug won’t hold onto bacteria like other wooden vessels. Instead, these mugs have inserts in them that make them fast and easy to clean while not taking away from the joy of drinking from one of these steins.

Wooden TV Stand

People watch television far more than they realize. Americans watch four hours a day of television each day – that’s a lot of viewing. Add in streaming and social media, and people are in front of screens for more than a day per week.

Wooden television stands offer a great way to store a television.

Stands offer:

  • A functional gift option that people can use time and time again
  • Beautiful, unique piece of furniture 

If you need to find a gift for him, wooden television stands quickly become the centerpiece of any room they’re in.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth has changed the way that people communicate and listen to music. A portable Bluetooth speaker offers a gift that is:

  • Extremely durable
  • Offers hour of fun

And there are multiple options available. For example, you can opt for solar speakers that will stay powered at the beach or during a day of camping. A wooden Bluetooth speaker can be taken with the person anywhere they go.

Many models offer eight hours of battery life and can be continuously charged thanks to the solar capabilities of the speaker.

For a husband or partner, wooden Bluetooth speakers are a gift that they’re sure to love.

Wooden Chair

Are you sitting or standing right now? If you’re sitting, you know just how amazing a wooden chair would be as a present. Wooden chairs are a timeless gift that he’s sure to love.

The chair can be static, but the best ones are rocking chairs.

Wooden rocking chairs offer:

  • Hours of contemplation
  • Longevity that can last a lifetime
  • Unique designs

Rocking chairs go great on front porches or even inside of a home. You can also purchase a small cushion for the chair to make it more comfortable for long bouts of sitting.

Dark woods go great in homes with lighter interiors because the contrast makes them the space’s focal point.

Puzzle Piece Card

If you’re very close to the recipient, you might want to consider gifting him a wooden puzzle piece card. For anyone who has never heard of these cards before, they’re a great gift item, especially for romantic partners.

These pieces are:

  • Two unique, wooden puzzle pieces
  • Engraved with words on the front of them

A puzzle piece card often contains words, such as “you” and “me.” If you hold one piece and he holds another, you can connect them when you unite. It’s a beautiful gift idea for men because they’re often afraid to show their sensitive side.

You can also use these cards with kids or close family members.

The wooden pieces are often made from:

  • Sustainable woods
  • Laser engravings

Lasers offer precision engravings so that the card looks professional.

Unbeatable wooden gifts are available if you’re willing to look for them hard enough. Spending a little time browsing through the gifts above is a great start. But you’ll need to sit down and really consider what the person prefers.

You can be confident that when you give the recipient a wooden gift, they’ll love it.

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5 Unbeatable Wooden Gifts For Him
You can be confident that when you give the recipient a wooden gift, they'll love it.
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