5 Top Funniest Robot Fails


While Elon Musk asks the authority to beware of AI machines, these adorable robot’s fuckups proving we’re safe for now.

1. This robotic arm perhaps was created for super-lazy Fridays when you are able just to lay and watch your favorite episodes while this machine feeding you. Don’t expect this to be a part of your living room if only you don’t mind this arm hitting you in the face.

2. Lets imagine how nice it would be if you have more time for morning routine and so-called “breakfast machine” will make some snack for you 😉 Well, Simone Giertz works on it and shares the unsuccessful but very fine moments.

3. Boston Dynamics perhaps is a leader in robotic developing but even they have many amusing robot failures. That’s great they don’t ashame of it. Nexter team loves this robot the most – it looks so helpless…

4. One of the robot’s primary functions is people’s entertainment. Sometimes it could be troubling as even these devices are cheating in a tic-tac-toe game. Is it a software fail or AI tricks? Guess we’ll never know.

5. Another device created for helping in cooking and another fail. Bet you can’t stop laughing.


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