5 Tips to Make Your Car Seat Last Longer


When it comes to cars, whether you’re an enthusiast or not, one can’t deny the importance it plays in our everyday lives. Come to think of it, a lot of people regard this haven on four wheels as a second home, and treat it as such. Of course, as with anything you care deeply about, maintaining your car should be a top priority, and what many people forget about are the things that make your car that comfortable ‘home away from home’: Car seats.


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Car seats are one of those things in your car that are not easily replaceable, due to the high cost associated with making the tiniest amendment to it, once damaged.

Maintaining the highest quality condition of your car seat will be a simple task, as long as you follow the next five suggested tips and tricks.

Keep interior cleaning products in your car
Your car seat is always prone to some sort of spillage, leaving behind a stain or mark that could be permanent. The best way to deal with such an issue is to ensure that you have the right cleaning products for the material that your car seat is made out of. Furthermore, once spillage occurs, you should clean it once, or as soon as possible. By quickly tending to the accident that befell your car seat, the likelihood of anything staining decreases. This helps to maintain the good condition of your seat for a lot longer, than if you did not have interior cleaning products sitting around in your car. Keep in mind that no matter how cautious you are, accidents are bound to happen, so it is best to be prepared for them rather than be blindsided

Set ground rules for food & drinks
As mentioned before, accidents tend to happen, but lowering the chance of them actually occurring is always better for your car seat. Setting strict ground rules for what types of food/drinks are allowed within the car is extremely important. Allowing certain items, such as ice-cream and heavily sugared coffee, can be of high risk, especially if you do not have the right cleaning products at hand. Make sure that everyone who steps into your car is aware that they cannot eat/drink anything as long as they are  in your car and that they have to finish eating/drinking whatever they have before entering. While cigarettes are not categorized as food or drink, they can be just as dangerous to your car seat, so be wary of them too.

Invest in a car seat cover
One of the best ways to protect your car seat is to cover it up with a car seat cover. This absorbs any possible damage that may occur and once it looks too out-of-shape, you can simply replace it with a new one. This keeps the interior of your car looking brand new. Some car seat covers are built to protect your car seat from any possible harm and you can click here to see a car seat that is a perfect example of a spill-resistant, durable and comfortable car seat that keeps your seat protected, while providing you with an extra padded layer to help you feel comfier on the seat. Using car seat covers protect you from any possible spill caused by food, drink or cigarette ash. Thus, investing in one not only saves you money, but keeps the interior of your car looking clean.

Protect your seat from sunlight
Long exposure to sunlight can slowly start to damage your seat in a clear and noticeable way. If your car seat is made out of leather, then the sun will slowly dry it out and cause it to start cracking all over. If your car seat is made out of cloth, then the material will slowly start to fade and tear, making it look extremely unappealing, thus ruining the entire interior design of your car. Dealing with this problem can be simple, you can either get a sun blocker for your car’s windows, if you park your car in the sun the majority of the time, or you can tint your windows so that they allow less sunlight to enter the car.

Allow your seats to breathe
During the hotter summer months, your car seat can get damaged due to the high temperatures it is exposed to, so opening up your windows for some time to allow a breeze to cool down your seats, can help them tremendously during the hot season.

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Once a stain finds its way to your car seat, it is going to be near impossible to remove it without hurting your wallet. Reading up on how to handle the different problems that may occur to your car seat can help save you a lot of money, so make sure you’re extremely informed about how you should handle any damage that you find on your car seat so that it doesn’t escalate.

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5 Tips to Make Your Car Seat Last Longer
When it comes to cars, whether you’re an enthusiast or not, one can’t deny the importance it plays in our everyday lives.

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