5 Tips For Buying Eyewear Online


Buying clothes, shoes, and eyewear online can be a challenge because you don’t know if the item will fit properly nor how it will look on you. While you can check the size charts and measure yourself for clothes and shoes, it is much more difficult for designer eyewear.

If you want to order eyewear online to save money, here are five tips that can help you find the right size and style of glasses frames.

Get an Eye Exam

The first thing you will need when buying eyeglasses is the prescription. Make an appointment with a local optician or ophthalmologist to have an eye examination. Most doctors won’t supply the prescription information unless you ask for it, so be sure to do so.

Before paying for the exam, which will cost about $40 to $80, review the prescription. It will usually only include the basics, but you will need to know the pupillary distance, or PD number, in order to get glasses online. Request that information before leaving the office.

Search Online Sites

Several websites have eyeglasses frames for sale at very reasonable prices, usually much more reasonable than many opticians’ offices.

You will need to make several decisions when ordering a pair of glasses online but start with finding the type of fashionable frames that you want.

Buy the Right Frame Size

It’s important that a pair of glasses fit correctly to avoid the frames from slipping down your nose or being too tight on your head. Start by using the current frame size that you’re wearing. There are three numbers imprinted on the side of your frames.

These numbers, written in millimeters, indicate the eye size, bridge size, and the length of the temple. The eye size is the width of the lenses, the bridge size is the length between the two lenses, and the temple length is the length of the sizes of the frames.

Consider Contacts

An easier way to buy corrective lenses online is to buy contacts. With a pair of contact lenses, you don’t need to worry about how they will look or the size and fit of them. Instead, you can examine yourself in a mirror without glasses on to determine if you like the look.

Several websites, including those from major retailers, have contacts for sale. When you’re searching the sites, use the prescription to order them after finding contact lenses that you want.

If you’re outdoors a lot, buy contacts with UV protection, or get colored lenses to give yourself a new look.

Preview the Frames

How you look in the glasses frames is an important consideration for buying them. While many eyeglass retailers will send you the frames to try out and send back what you don’t like or doesn’t fit properly, other sites have methods for virtually trying on their frames.

You can upload a picture of yourself and choose the frames you like to see what you will look like in them. However, keep in mind that they still may need some adjustments when you buy eyeglasses online.

Along with saving about a hundred dollars or so online when choosing frames, you’ll also find a larger selection of them than you can get at most brick and mortar optical shops.

However, you need to consider the convenience of buying a pair of glasses and getting them fitted at a local optician over saving money before you search and order a pair of glasses online.

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