5 Times Broke Students Proved They’re The Smartest People Ever


While being broke is not a good thing per se, it does come with notable upsides. Being cash-strapped makes one come up with ingenious ways of surviving in a money-driven economy. Today, it is not rare to find people enjoying life in their small ways just as the wealthy would in their extravagant ways. Life is all about finding a comfortable budget and living within it.

That said, students are often the smartest when it comes to finances. They hire cheap essay writers, buy cheap clothes, and so forth. Understandably, because most of them are still in school and thus incapable of working to earn incomes. Let’s take a look at scenarios when broke students were smart with their finances:

Warming Food with Hair Dryers

What to do if you need to warm food in college when you have no microwave? Creative students are using their hair dryers to heat all types of dishes (pizzas, rice, fries, and so forth.) This innovative way is keeping them from eating cold food, especially on those chilly nights or mornings.

Home Made Sound-System

When you are living on a budget, buying sound system is definitely not a good idea. However, you have to listen to some music on those boring afternoons lest you go crazy. So, what can you do to get better sound quality from your phone? Well, students make pretty nice speakers from milk bottles. All you need to do is cut the lower part of the container and place your phone dynamics at the neck of a bottle. Then, you can nod your head to your favorite tunes and watch all those boring weekends pass like a breeze.

Making Cups from Plastic Bottles

Ever thought this to yourself “if I cut this bottle halfway through here, I’d have a nice cup.” If yes, then it is time to bring your ideas real. There is no need to use your already insufficient finances on buying mugs or drinking glasses. Convert those soda bottles into colorful cups by cutting them halfway in the middle.

Plastic Showerhead

Next time you are broke and need a new showerhead, do not panic. Broke students have devised a creative way of ensuring that you take a bath even after your showerhead is ruined. All you have to do is make holes at the bottom of a plastic bottle and then fix it on the water pipe where the showerhead is supposed to go. And just like that, you will never have to miss a shower.

Home-Made Pizza Cutter

As a broke college student, you will have to eat pizza on several occasions. So, to avoid having to tear your pizza in all manner of unpleasant ways, make a pizza cutter from a wooden ruler and a can top.

These are some of the ways broke students handle tough financial times. All in all, always think of a cheaper way to do something before you buy.

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