5 Things To Know About Stranger Things Season 2 (Video)


Are you ready for it?

The second season of the multi-series horror “Stranger Things” will begin streaming on October 27th. As it was announced, there will be nine episodes – one more than in the first season. Nexter shows what you might missed in Stranger Things promos.

What do we know about the second season of Stranger Things so far?

Eleven will come back

Nobody doubted actually, but everyone who saw the posters and trailers of the season already knows – the young telekinetic girl Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown did not die at the end of the first season. The girl will have curly hair and still adore the Eggo wafers.

Likely, we’ll see many flashbacks from Eleven’s past as it was announced that Amy Mullins who plays her mother has more screen .

Source: Netflix


The events will take place before Halloween in October 1984 – a year after the first season. In the trailer you can see the exact date – October 30, – as well as a sign of the presidential election campaign of Reagan and George W. Bush.

New giant monster

As we remember, Demogorgon was annihilated by Eleven in the end of the first season. There’ll be another creature, as we see in promos, with several limbs. Perhaps, like Demogorgon, this is a monstrous projection of another figure from the board game Dungeons and Dragons – a kind of hydra.

Source: Netflix

Barb’s returning?

The death of  Barbara was a great stress for the actress’ fans. She’ll hardly fully return to the story, but according to show creative team, she won’t be swept under the rug in the second season of Stranger Things.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Natalia Dyer — who plays Barb’s friend Nancy Wheeler — explained that the death of Purser’s character will resonate throughout the events of the second season.

“Especially this season, Barb’s a big part of Nancy’s storyline and that drive to — I don’t know how to say it otherwise — to find justice,” said Dyer. “There are a lot of loose ends there that Nancy feels need to be addressed.”


In the new series we also waiting for even more elements from the cinema of the 1980s.

The team of the main characters dresses up for Halloween in the ghostbusters costumes – in the summer of 1984 “Ghostbusters” just came out. Seems that guys became fans of the iconic movie.

It won’t go without nostalgic references to “Halloween”, “Gremlins” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

In addition, Netflix has already released a series of posters referring to the classic films of those years.

Source: Netflix

Source: Netflix

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