5 Stylish Portable Closet Organizer That Is Perfect For You


People have been so busy during this pandemic, decluttering here, organizing personal items there. And some lack storage because of limited space, that is why most of us would opt to choose a portable closet to maximize space and utilize a more flexible closet because it is easy to assemble and detach its pieces. Besides that, portable closets are most useful for students, professionals who rent their spaces because of being far away from their own homes, and people who travel and move from one place to another.

Portable Closet Organizer

In this article, you can easily choose the best portable closet that will perfectly suit your space’s size, according to your needs.

1. Inch Closet by SONGMICS 59

This portable closet storage organizer is definitely a must-have which will suit your entire wardrobe. You can be assured that it is for long-term keeping because the tubes are made of high-quality stainless steel and its non-woven zippered fabrics and covers are water and dustproof. Regarding its efficiency, this is highly recommended because of the hanging rods and 12 storage compartments that will fit your longer clothes, dresses, shoes, and towels. No need to worry about putting it all together, this closet comes with easy-to-understand instructions so you can assemble it in no time!

2. Storage Closet Organizer by Honey-Can-Do

A two-door closet with a shoe organizer made from 30% cotton can be placed either in your bedroom, laundry area, or garage. Don’t worry about its steel rusting because what’s good about this closet organizer is its rust-proof feature and its lightweight fabric is easy to wash. It has 9 pocket shoe storage on each side so it can fit even if you have 18 pairs of shoes. Besides that, because it has surrounding fabric, you do not have to worry about your clothes being full of dust, not to mention that it has a two D-style zipper for each door.

3. Storage Cube Organizer by KOUSI

This is a multifunctional portable storage cube shelf with doors that are semi-transparent which makes it more visible for viewing. Perfect storage for bags, accessories, shoes, toys, and even books. You can even personally choose whatever design you want it to assemble, it can be a portrait, ladder style, or landscape position, with or without its doors. This can definitely last long because of its sturdy features because it comes with panel connectors that surely fit. Not only that, it is waterproof and dustproof, which makes it easy to clean. You can even use this as storage where you can place decorative kinds of stuff to make your room even more beautiful.

4. Rolling Clothes Rack by Homfa

This easy to assemble clothes rack organizer can prove itself that it is durable and sturdy because it is made of natural bamboo which makes it environmentally friendly too. You just have to make sure to keep it clean at all times. A perfect spot where you can hang your coat or hat. You can even place some of your potted plants on the 2 shelves on the lower part of the rack or if you’re not into plants, you can use that space as a shoe rack. For stability, it has four wheels and two of them have brakes and if you’d like to remove the brakes, you can easily remove them too. And because of its simple but very elegant style, you can have more of it in your homes and you can even give it as a Christmas present too!

5. Clothing Garment Rack by Simple Trending

A perfect multifunctional clothes and shoe rack that is very useful when you need additional storage. You can even use it to hang some of your clothes which came from the laundry. You can adjust its length or bars easily because of its extensible horizontal rod. This is so easy to assemble because it comes with a manual and two wrenches. You can even put it up in 10 minutes. The top rail has a circular tubing and stopper on both sides to keep the clothes safe from falling while the bottom part is intended for shoes or boxes for your other personal items. You can be sure that this is rustproof because of its high-quality metal with premium heavy gauge chromium plating. It is easily movable because of its 360-degree wheels at the bottom.


It is best to have your portable closet organizer which you can easily fold and unfold depending on your needs. And not just that, in considering a closet organizer, you also have to choose those that can last long and worth your money because since everything is being bought online now, the quality is being taken for granted and you will end up throwing away the items that you just purchased. You may want to consider closets that also have a protective covering to protect them from dust and water and one that is also multifunctional so that you can place it anywhere inside your homes. So, feel free to check on the website of Storables.com to browse for other closet organizers which you feel will be more useful to you and do consider their stability and durability. Feel free to browse their features and uses so that you can maximize your options too.

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5 Stylish Portable Closet Organizer That Is Perfect For You
It is best to have your portable closet organizer which you can easily fold and unfold depending on your needs.
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