5 Secrets For A Harder Erection And A Mind-Blowing Orgasm


Technology and innovation is bringing about a new kind of connectivity that nobody saw coming. Not only are we more and more involved with our devices, we can now talk to people from across the world. And in the world of men’s health, one thing has been apparent: the human penis is not infallible. Unproven anecdotes from braggadocious friends and acquaintances are coming up short in these days. We know that male urogenital health is, well, universal. And nothing strikes at the heart of that world than the erection. We’ve all had some issues at one point in our lives. If you say you haven’t, you’re absolutely lying. But here’s a bit of truth.


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Here are 5 secrets for a harder erection and mind blowing orgasms.

1. Supplements
We all want rock hard erections. That’s our pride and glory, right there. It’s the flagstaff of our own little empire in our head. Sometimes the staff needs some buffing and polishing. More and more, male enhancement pills are becoming less and less taboo. We can talk about it. Getting a few and trying them out has virtually no stigma attached to it. You don’t have to yell it from the rooftops. People generally do not like uninvited genital-centric conversations. But know that every man alive has had to deal with one thing or another, and it’s okay. We got your back.

2. Lift Heavy (Safely)
People keep toting exercise as a means to get harder erections. Why? It’s absolutely true. Focus on heavy lifting with good form and adequate rest. You want to go large, full body movements. You never saw Rocky train with machines. No action hero montage involves a Swiss ball. It’s about deadlifts, pull-ups, swings, squats, and bench presses. These are the movements that set off your testosterone. Do them.

3. Eat The Right Stuff
After you’ve killed your workout, what are you eating? Are you eating sugary foods that create inflammatory problems in your vessels? Or are you eating your meat and potatoes? There’s a reason why that very basic diet is associated with big muscles and male virility. It’s real. In fact, synthetic testosterone is actually derived from a variety of yam. So eat up.

4. Stop Watching Porn
Stop watching pornography. Just stop doing it. If you can’t go a few weeks without typing in a naughty movie on the search bar, you might have an issue. When you quit porn, you give yourself a detox from that fantasy world. That fantasy world is like candy for your sex drive: it’s good now, but you know it’s not worth it. Be comfortable with people. Learn to harness your sexual energy towards actual individuals who want to benefit from it.

5. Control Your Breathing
This last secret may seem a bit off, but you know it’s true. Breathing exercises. Doing yoga or guided breathing exercises allows you to master the air you take in and give out. And who among us hasn’t unconsciously taken hold of our breathing to delay or heighten an orgasm? We all have. Get a jump on it and start practicing.

Erections and orgasms aren’t rocket science. It’s a matter of getting help if you need it, and then cleaning up your lifestyle in order to support the beast. That’s all it is. The more distractions, sedentary living, and junk food you pour down your system, the less compliant your penis will be. Take care of yourself. Take care of your penis. It’s the only one you’ve got.

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5 Secrets For A Harder Erection And A Mind-Blowing Orgasm
Technology and innovation is bringing about a new kind of connectivity that nobody saw coming.

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