5 Reasons Why Dubai Is The City Of Future You Can’t Reject


We in NEXTER already think about visiting the UAE, and you?

The Smart Dubai initiative fulfills the vision of His Highness “to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth”. Numerous inventions were developed and trialed as part of Smart Dubai initiative.

1. Smart Palms

“Smart Palm is a green self-sustainable device recharge station and info point with complimentary Wi-Fi access”, – explained on its official site.

These high-tech stations were set up on the beaches and public places of the megapolis. They are equipped with panels to provide complete power autonomy. With their help you can connect to the Internet for free through the WiFi access point, recharge the smartphone while relaxing or reading information on interactive touch screens.

2. Airport’s virtual aquarium tunnel for face recognition

Instead of long waiting at security counters or pass through e-gates, virtual fish will scan your face as you walk through the tunnel. The tunnels will be equipped with 80 cameras. The screens can display a simulation of a real-life aquarium, various landscapes or advertising in high quality.

If the traveller is registered successfully, they will see a green sign. If the person had some troubles, a red alert will notify about it.

3. Volocopter as a flying taxi

Unmanned air taxi created by Volocopter company tested flighting in Dubai. The vehicle looks like a big drone with a cabin for two passengers. It can fly only for 30 minutes so you can take this taxi to another city. But the developers hope to increase the flying time and have a sit for pilot.

Source: volocopter.com

4.  Cops on flying motorcycles

The motorcycle Hoversurf S3 that actually can fly was shown at the Gitex 2017 exhibition in the Arab Emirates.

It can fly at a height of five meters and carry a policeman during emergency situations and heavy traffic. The bike can be in the air for 25 minutes and carry up to 300 kg of weight at speed 70 km / hour for a distance of up to six kilometers.

Hoversurf has electric motor. The “pilot” can operate it with a joystick. It also gas a function of remotely control.

5. The first Marcian city in Dubai, not in Mars

Perhaps, only in Dubai еhe unexpected idea to build a city in the desert that imitate conditions on Mars could appear. The UAE presented a project of Mars strategy in 2017. Colonizing the Red Planet has many nuances to solve and as believed Dubai’s Mars Science City may help in it.

Source: United Arab Emirates/Dubai Media Office

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