5 Places to Invest Your Money during Coronavirus


The coronavirus is far from over, so knowing how to invest your money is important. Things have gone ugly, and probably it will worsen in a few months to come. Meanwhile, companies have shut down, unemployment has skyrocketed, and the economy is locked down. When you get to watch the news, you might be tempted to think this is not the right time to invest.


However, if you want to grow your wealth, send your children to the best university, and retire someday, you will need to invest your money wisely in this unprecedented time. To help you do that, the following are some of the places you can invest your money and expect a good return:

  1. FDIC Insured Banks

The outbreak of Covid-19 has sparked a serious economic downturn, which is placing severe stress in banking systems. Most businesses and households are facing grave challenges meeting their monetary obligations in a few months to come. The ongoing volatility made the US citizens worry, scrambling to look for safe havens for their cash, and questioning if the financial system is secure.

With the unpredictable economy, you may hesitate to invest in the 529 plan. The federal government insures this investment plan through the (FDIC) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Since the plan is backed with the US government’s credit and full faith, federally insured products are perfect for conservative investors interested in preserving capital without any risk.

  1. Food Delivery

Although most restaurants and eateries have closed down because of the pandemic, some have only shut their sit-down services, remaining open to offer delivery and takeaway services to customers. Amidst changing expectations and regulations, having access to delivery and foodservice items gives customers the comfort they need during these hard times.

As the epidemic continues, most local delivery businesses are experiencing a surge in demand, allowing you to invest your money. To start the delivery business, you will need to sign up with one of the third-party forums, such as Glovo, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat. With this, you will benefit from the ready-made resources, a network of drivers, and infrastructures, just to name a few. Many of these platforms use a ‘contactless delivery’ policy. This means that couriers will be placing delivery or meal bags at the doorstep of customers, allowing them to collect their packages while observing social distance.

  1. Real Estate

Like other businesses worldwide, every real estate will need to reevaluate their business models in the wake of this global pandemic. Luckily, the extent to which real estate entrepreneurs are expected to develop should not be that drastic as other sectors. As the epidemic is sending home values down, you are presented with an opportunity to buy properties on platforms like Movoto, at a discount.

Another thing to remember when you decide to sink a nest egg in the real estate business is that many sellers list their properties with costs to sell. This means that sellers understand that now is not a good time to drive a hard bargain. Real estate agents are also advising homeowners to be accommodating to avoid scaring away buyers. Therefore, depending on the property you want to invest in, this is the right time to consider the real estate business.

  1. Cryptocurrency 

The impacts of the epidemic have made investors look for assets, which offer shelter during the hedge and storm against macro events. Against a backdrop of shrinking GDP, cryptocurrency has been touted as an inflation-resistant hedge. There are numerous reasons why cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, is regarded as an attractive investment. As the S&P 500 is 7% down, bitcoin investment is up by 24%. In addition, the supply for bitcoin decreases over time since the number of new coins provided to miners is halved after every four years. Because of this, the stock-to-flow that denotes the number of years needed to achieve the current supply is rising.

Forums, such as Skrill, have soaked up a slice of the buy-side action, allowing bitcoins to be bought in dozens. Apart from Skrill, you can also buy bitcoins in popular places, like:

  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Gemini
  • Bitstamp
  • Cointiply
  • CEX
  1. Online Workout Classes 

The strains which Covid-19 has put on gyms and studios have made most of the best workout spaces to move online. If you are a gym instructor, you can reach out to your clients and explain what you may offer them while maintaining social distancing. For many individuals, this could mean sending emails to your contact list and advertising your online classes to new clients.

In addition, you may also need to use a class booking schedule so you can offer a link to your members. By putting workout video links into your schedule, you will have easy access for anyone who wants to give the classes a try. Beyond that, remember that many people are looking for information on how they can stay fit in their homes’ comfort. Hence, if you have a social media page or blog, now it may be a great time to be creative. You may come up with videos that you can share daily during the lockdown.

In a Nutshell!

The year 2020 is going to become unforgettable. Coronavirus has unveiled the world in different ways. It has locked down many countries far and wide, made workers lose their jobs, and pulled the reins of the economy globally. Early this year was the time when coronavirus news started floating, and back then, no one could tell the extent to which the pandemic will disrupt the economy.

Amid many uncertainties, it’s important to actively search for relevant investment plans, which may secure your future and that of your family. Although this pandemic is unprecedented for everyone, you need to remember that markets are not new to crises. It has happened before, and markets have survived various disasters. Whether you want to make more money or just need to start something to keep you busy during this epidemic, investment ideas like real estate and cryptocurrency will surely secure your future.

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5 Places to Invest Your Money during Coronavirus
The coronavirus is far from over, so knowing how to invest your money is important. Things have gone ugly,
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