5 Pant Styles to Rock this Spring


Depending on where you are in the world, spring can be filled with the promise of warmer, summer days or be clinging onto the remnants of winter. While you can finally put away the parkas and snow boots, it’s not quite time for shorts and sandals.

Spring is the perfect time to sport your favorite stylish pants and blouses. Embrace the versatility that pants have to offer, pair with the right accessories, and steal the spring spotlight with these five styles.

Faux Leather Leggings

When it comes to preparing an outfit, pants with style and optimal flexibility are important. Faux leather leggings offer the high-fashion, edgy look of leather pants without compromising comfort. When you opt for a high-quality pair, they also offer an extra layer of fabric to reduce the risk of becoming see-through with repeat washings or when you bend over to get something.

Pair faux leather leggings with a flowy blouse, blazer, and chunky jewelry. Ditch the business casual top for a tank when heading out for a night on the town. These pants pair well with both ballet flats and strappy high heels.

Harem Pants

Harem pants are dance-inspired pants that offer a balance between casual and fashionable, while being as comfortable as you can possibly imagine. Get a pair in brown-toned florals for an exotic approach, or stick with a simple black fabric for versatility. Harem pants are ideal for long days at work or Saturdays spent seeing the sights.

Be sure to pair your harem pants with a form-fitting top to offset the flowy fabric. A tight, white tank top, fitted denim jacket, and tennis shoes make for a fantastic weekend casual look. Get a pair in khaki to wear with a white blazer and gold jewelry during warmer days at the office.

Wide-Legged Linen Pants

Nothing feels as luxurious or comfortable as a pair of wide-legged linen pants. A staple of any working woman’s wardrobe– whether that work is in a traditional office or homemaking– light colored, linen pants are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you will ever own. You can wear them to meetings with your coworkers, meetings with the PTA, while working on a major project or while shopping for Sunday dinner.

Wide-legged linen pants can be matched with a nice blouse and blazer or cardigan. In the warmer spring months, pair with a tank top, denim jacket, and scarf. Wear with whichever pair of shoes you are in the mood for that day. The options are endless.

Boyfriend Jeans

The low-rise, skinny jeans that dominated the better part of the early 2000s are no longer the go-to for jeans. Instead, a more conservative waistline and comfortable fit of the boyfriend jeans are dominant in the market. Available with or without a rolled-up cuff, these jeans are stylish enough so that you’ll feel good wearing them in public while being comfortable enough that you won’t feel confined on weekends when you’d rather be in your yoga pants.

Pair these jeans with tennis shoes and your favorite t-shirt or a camisole and blazer. These pants go well with heels, sandals, tennis shoes, and everything in between. Wear your favorite jewelry or throw your hair in a ponytail and conquer the weekend in comfort.

Bright-Colored Flared Pants

As we steer away from the form-fitted pants that have peaked on the fashion radar, the wider legs and flare cuts are coming back with a vengeance. There have even been a few bell bottom pants on the runway in recent months. Add some flair to your flare and incorporate bright primary and secondary colors to encapsulate the essence of spring. Be a trendsetter at work and get your flared pants in either capri style or full-length. Pair your bright, flared pants with a white chiffon blouse or floral print.

This year promises to see lots of colors and patterns intermingling in ways they never have before. Get ahead of the game and order your favorite styles before spring is over.

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