5 Most Epic Drone’s Failures Showing We Need To Control Them Better


Nexter collected the most epic and dangerous drone’s failures to prove we need to control them better.

Drones are not an innocent toy anymore. It can become a really dangerous device and cause a serious damage to other people and even airplanes. Some countries like USA and Canada have already made first steps to regulate the usage of these unmanned aircrafts. But, of course, there’s still so many work to do.

1. Drone crashed into passenger plane in Canada

The very first such accident happened in Quebec, Canada on October 12, 2017. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) widely known as a drone, hits on commercial passenger plane’s wings. There were six passengers and two crew members aboard the plane. Luckily, the plane landed safely and without injuries.

The drone that struck the plane was flying much higher than Canadian Aviation Regulations allow.

Moreover, this case has opened many discussions about the common rules and restrictions for drone’s private usage.

Source: Aviation Buzzword

2. Drone’s operator detained for flying too close to Chinese landing airplane

On June 2017 there was another incident connected with a plane and a drone. This time in China.

Chinese state media reported about an amateur aviation enthusiast who launched the drone too close to the landing plane. The drone’s pilot had been detained by the local police.

3.  Quadcopter bumped a groom on the Wedding day

Instead of touching and breathtaking memories of the Wedding Day, you can be injured by drone. Such as in this video, when a photographer used a UAV to catch the couple embracing, and suddenly lost control of the device.

4. ‘Bloody mistletoe’ drone delivery

Another romantic event was poisoned because of the drone. The drones were intended to hover over couples and inspire a little “mobile mistletoe mischief,” according to promotional material of TGI Friday.

One of the operators tried to land the aircraft on a woman’s hand, but chipped off a tip of her nose and cut her a little under the chin. The drone’s operator said it happened because the woman flinched.

5. Drone as a methamphetamine drug mule

A drone carrying meth crashed in Mexico near the San Ysidro Port of Entry on January 2015.

The flying device tried to transport more than 6 pounds of crystal meth in six packages. It fell down into the parking lot of a supermarket in Tijuana.

Source: dailymail.co.uk/

So, Nexter suggests drones are the future but it depends on us how safe it would be.

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