5 Key Facts About Netflix “Lost in Space” Reboot


Netflix has unveiled the teaser of classic sci-fi series “Lost in Space” which is launching back on April 13.

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What is it about?

Netflix’s “Lost in Space” is a modern reboot of Irwin Allen’s classic 1960s series about the adventures of a family of space explorers, a shifty doctor and their robot across the universe.

he new Lost In Space is being described as “an epic but grounded science fiction saga focusing on a young explorer family from Earth lost in an alien universe and the challenges they face in staying together against seemingly insurmountable odds.”

After 30 years

The new “Lost in Space” takes place 30 years in the future.

Seems that Robinsons has already headed to a colony in the Alpha Centauri system, according to a pamphlet seen in the teaser.

“The Robinson family, part of a highly trained mission to establish a new colony in space, is unexpectedly pulled off course, forcing them to crash-land on a lost planet,” Netflix wrote in a short description.

We also get a short glimpse of the Jupiter 2 and a nice nod to the original series’ theme song before hearing those welcome words: “Danger, Will Robinson!” from the family robot.


Source: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

The Robinsons cast

The Robinsons family will consist of scientist and mom Maureen played by Molly Parker, dad John – Toby Stephens, daughters Judy played by Taylor Russell and Penny – Mina Sundwall and son Will played by Max Jenkins.

Ignacio Serricchio plays Don West, the Jupiter 2’s brash pilot, and Parker Posey plays the rogue Dr. Smith.


Source: Netflix

Jupiter 2

After the releasing trailer, many original series fans were concerned if their favorite Jupiter 2 spacecraft will stay or will be replaced by the modern one.

By the way, the cost of the Robinson family’s Jupiter 2 was $350,000 ($2.6 million today) in 1965 when it was created. It is more than the Enterprise on Star Trek, which began airing when Lost In Space started its second season.


Source: Netflix

Watch Out – International Space Station knows spoilers

If you happen to have a conversation with ISS astronauts – beware of spoilers!

According to Den of Geek, astronauts on the ISS have already seen the first episode of “Lost in Space” reboot. The station’s current Expedition 54 crew is made up of three Americans, two Russians and a Japanese astronaut.


Source: Netflix

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5 Key Facts About Netflix “Lost in Space” Reboot
5 Key Facts About Netflix “Lost in Space” Reboot
Netflix has unveiled the teaser of classic sci-fi series "Lost in Space" which is launching back on April 13.
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