Ethereum Hacker Attack, Amazon New Delivery Features + 3 More Important Things to Know About World Wednesday

545 made a list of most important news you need to know this Wednesday morning.

1. Amazon’s upgrade

Amazon now allows its shoppers to track the exact location of delivery drivers in the special map. Also, the company launched the delivery of packages to the trunk of your car.

2. Ethereum hacker attack

MyEtherWallet users suffered the hacker attack – at least $13,000 in Ethereum were taken. The attackers’ wallet already contains more than $17 million in Ethereum.

3. First polar bear born in the tropics dies at 27 in Singapore

The only polar bear ever born in the tropics has died in Singapore of age-related ailments.

4. President Trump and Melania Trump host the Macrons

President Trump and the first lady welcomed France’s first couple to an intimate state dinner attended by just 123 guests, including Apple CEO Tim Cook. Melania Trump’s gown was Chanel haute couture.

5. Sudden links between Australia’s and the US serial killers

According to an investigation by The Australian, there are a number of similarities between Golden State Killer in America’s California in the early 1980s and ‘Mr Cruel’ in Australia’s Victoria in the late 80’s and 90s.


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