5 Great Ways To Make Money From Real Estate Today


A lot of people are investing in the stock market today because index funds are so easy to use. Young people are even investing in new things like cryptocurrency and NFTs hoping to become rich within a few years.


It feels like real estate doesn’t get the love it used to get in the past. Fewer people seem interested because there are more options available. Let’s look at some ways you can still make great returns from real estate.

Apply For A Reverse Mortgage

Have you looked into the CHIP mortgage and how it works yet? A primary residence isn’t always a good investment for people who don’t plan to leave their home to anyone in their will because it’s just somewhere to sleep and eat.

You probably have equity in your home that would be nice to spend when you’ve retired. If you get a reverse mortgage they’ll give you a lump sum to enjoy yourself and nothing will need to be repaid until it’s sold.

Rent A Second Home On Airbnb

If you are looking for a second mortgage in Toronto or Seattle, it might be because you want to buy a home to rent on Airbnb. You’ll end up with lots of profits after you’ve paid the mortgage because homes are in high demand.

There are a large number of sites you can rent your second home on. Just make sure you’re complying with local guidelines to ensure it’s legal. Once everything is up and running it feels like you’re getting free money.

Live Off-Grid Outside The City

Anyone who wants peace and quiet can take advantage of the great property prices right now. Sell your expensive home in the city and buy cheap land in the countryside where you’ll be able to construct an off-grid home.

It’s still possible to save tons of money if you’re hooked up to the grid. Tiny homes made from old shipping containers are popular these days. If you’re prepared to live outside the city you could make huge money.

Try Real Estate Crowdfunding

I know it’s not easy for everyone to afford a second home. Does it feel like you’re sometimes living paycheck to paycheck? Once you save a little money you should try real estate crowdfunding because it’s simple to get started.

You might only need to pay 5% towards the cost of a new home. Other people just like you will add the extra 95%. You’ll only get 5% of the income the home generates, but at least you have some kind of passive income.

Rent Your Driveway In The City

Do you live near a city where it’s hard to find parking every day? If you have a driveway close to the city you’ll be able to rent it out. Someone will give you money to park their car in your drive while they’re at work.

Depending on the location you can earn hundreds of dollars every month. If your driveway is big enough for two cars you can double your money. There are lots of unique ways you can earn cash by renting out parts of your home.

Real Estate Still Reigns Supreme

If you want to make huge returns on your money it doesn’t get better than real estate. Just make sure you do your homework before investing in anything.

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5 Great Ways To Make Money From Real Estate Today
If you want to make huge returns on your money it doesn't get better than real estate.
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