5 Famous Celebrities Who Like to Surf


The crashing waves, the glowing sun, and the elation you feel when you finally catch a good wave—these are the common delights of surfing. Surfing is an outdoor activity that is perfect for summer; it helps you cool down and have some fun under the sun. However, for professionals, it is a sport that requires patience and dedication. 


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Yet, you do not have to be a professional to love this sport. Surfing is a universal sport that anyone can take up in their free time, including even the busiest of celebrities. Moreover, you should keep in mind that water sports are becoming increasingly popular and that you need quality surfing gear to be like your favourite celebrities who enjoy this sport. If you have fallen in love with surfing recently and want to know if famous people share your passion, rest assured because there are many famous people who enjoy spending their time catching waves when they are not busy making money. Here is a list of five celebrities who love surfing.


Source: unsplash.com

Barack Obama
Let us start this list with a bang. The former president of the United States is a surfing lover! Who would have thought, right? Although he was not actively surfing when he was still in office and busy with running the country, he was spotted showing his skills in 2008 while he was only a candidate. After his second term came to an end, his dear friend Richard Branson shared a video of Obama trying to balance on a kiteboard. It seems that the former president is a natural at all types of surfing, and now that he is free of his presidential obligations, he can pursue his passion!

Ashley Greene
Before she assumed the role of the clairvoyant vampire Alice Cullen and gained wide acclaim thanks to her lovable antics in the Twilight series, Ashley Greene had been an avid surfer. After the Twilight franchise dropped its curtains, she went back to surfing, posting an Instagram picture of her post-surfing injuries that she was proud to flaunt as a sign of her dedication. To show that she takes this sport seriously, she, along with Vanessa Hudgens, participated in a surfing event in Bali where professionals and beginners convened to share their love of surfing.

Lady Gaga
The fun, quirky singer who recently explored her acting skills in the critically acclaimed A Star Is Born definitely does not have a bad romance with surfing. When she is not busy recording great pop, or recently country, tracks, she loves to go to the beach to unwind a bit and find some creativity to help her in her next endeavors in the music world. Moreover, she does not go surfing alone but with her cute dog pal. In 2014, she posted a photo on Instagram with her dog lying on her surfing board, telling her adoring fans that she had an amazing day surfing with her bulldog. How cute!

Chris Hemsworth
The mighty Thor himself has a knack for surfing! When he is not filming his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or taking care of his little girls and enjoying some family time, he sets out to surf. Since the star resides in Australia, there is no shortage of waves to catch, as he is now preparing to move to a manor in Byron Bay close to the ocean where he can get his daily dose of surfing. He was also noticed surfing in Fiji once. The guy is obviously enamored with surfing. Fat Thor has nothing on him.

Cameron Diaz
Although she is now taking a break from acting, Cameron Diaz was once Hollywood’s golden girl and the highest-paid actress of her time. What you may not know is that she completely adores surfing; however, her surfing history has been fraught with accidents. In 2003, while she was celebrating her 31st birthday in Hawaii, Cameron broke her nose due to getting hit in the face with her own board. This injury made her undergo a purely medical surgery to correct the alignment of her nose. This did not stop the star from pursuing her passion though, as photos of her and surfing champion Kelly Slater emerged, showing them surfing side by side in 2007. The actress got over the accident by showcasing her surfing skills in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. It is magnificent that surfing has remained a staple in her life despite everything.

Surfing is a water sport that is gaining much attention. Its fun, laid-back vibes encourage everyone to jump in and have some fun with the waves. You do not have to be a professional surfer to enjoy this relaxing sport, as you can see from our list that even many busy celebrities find time to ease work pressure and catch some waves. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your board and head to the nearest sea or ocean for an unforgettable experience!

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5 Famous Celebrities Who Like to Surf
The crashing waves, the glowing sun, and the elation you feel when you finally catch a good wave—these are the common delights of surfing.

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