5 Cool and Free Self-Improvement Courses Starting in November


Perfection has no boundaries, however, the humanity managed to design a great deal of ways to improve yourself and come closer to your dream.

MOOCs (massive open online course) will definitely help you to discover the interesting facts and learn new sides of your personality. You never know what is hidden inside your soul.

1. Life and Death: Mysteries and Meanings


Source: theemotionmachine.com

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University prepared this course for those who are eager to find out the true meaning of the fast-moving life and learn the secrets of the universe.

Do you want to become one of the people who gained the understanding of the concepts of life and death? If so, do not hesitate to apply and improve your reflective skills!

Length:  6 weeks

Platform: edX.

2.  Sleep Deprivation: Habits, Solutions, and Strategies


Source: thesleepandrespiratoryscholar.com 

Sleep Deprivation is a problem people face every day around the globe. The University of Michigan gives you an opportunity to fight with this disease, designing your own treatment program and exchange your knowledge and experience with the classmates.

Even if you do not have sleep abnormalities, you will find the methods on how to improve your work and personal life and health in general.

Length:  1 weeks

Platform: Coursera.

3. Logical and Critical Thinking


Source: critical-thinkers.com

Have you ever failed to form an argument? This course is designed to understand the concept of thinking in general and improve critical and logical thinking skills as well.

Length:  8 weeks.

Platform: FutureLearn.

4. The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs


Source: cdn.gottman.com

6-week course consists of various plans and strategies on how to manage to survive in the relationships. Form your own style and image, create a few scripts to support your current relationships and meet new friends.

Learn top ice-breaking questions and find the difference between active and passive listening. Take the first step to become a new person.

Length:  6 weeks.

Platform: Coursera.

5. Improve Your Intercultural Competence


Source: assets3.bigthink.com

The international students and workers exchange practice has become increasingly popular. That is why the understanding of the cultural differences is the key way to deepen the relationship bonds with co-workers and the members of your class.

This course includes both verbal and nonverbal communication peculiarities.

Length:  4 weeks.

Platform: FutureLearn.

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