5 Common Vaping Myths Debunked


Since vaping become a trend, there’s been a lot of disinformation. If you’re in a cloud of confusion, we’re debunking the most common vaping myths.


Nothing is ever 100% safe.

Yet vaping is proven to be healthier than smoking cigarettes and is effective at helping smokers quit for good.

Trying to explain that to vaping opponents, though, is like trying to take down a brick wall with a toy hammer. That’s why we’re debunking some of the most common myths about vaping.

Looking for somewhere to direct vape-haters next time they’re giving you the stink eye? Tell them to check out this list of the top 5 vaping myths and why those myths just aren’t true.

Myth #1: Vaping is Worse than Smoking
If you’ve seen that MTV commercial, you know that many vaping opponents believe vaping is just as bad as smoking, if not worse. People claim vaping can cause popcorn lung and is actually just as addictive as cigarette smoking.

But according to a 2015 review published in Public Health England, vaping is actually 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. What’s more, these researchers concluded that vaping can help smokers quit and quit for good.

Myth #2: Exploding Vapes
A few years back, the media went into a frenzy over what headlines called “exploding vapes.” In Texas, online news articles claimed a young man was killed after his vaporizer exploded and shattered pieces ruptured a blood vessel.

Stories like this one are extremely rare, but they do highlight the need for vaping enthusiasts to choose the highest quality products on the market. Buy from a brand you trust, make sure to use best practices, and you won’t ever experience issues like exploding vape pens.

Myth #3: Vaping is All About Huge Clouds
Everyone’s seen it. That guy or gal strolling down the street, producing massive clouds after taking a long puff of their vaporizer. Believe it or not newbies, these so-called cloud chasers are not the norm.

In fact, trying to create big clouds can lead to problems if you’re accidentally inhaling too much vapor. From asthma to coughing to trouble breathing, inhaling too much vapor isn’t good for you. Find out more about common vaping mistakes at the link.

Myth #4: Second Hand Vape is a Thing
Some loud anti-vapers truly believe that people around you can experience negative effects from inhaling the vapor. But seeing as the vapor you exhale contains no harmful components, this myth is totally false.

Non-ventilated vape shops have carried out tests that showed nothing harmful in the air after vaping. If you’re still concerned, always vape in a location that is well-ventilated or has access to the outdoors.

Myth #5: Anti-Freeze in Your Vape Juice
According to some uninformed vaping opponents, vape juice contains anti-freeze as an ingredient. It’s easy to see where the mistake came from since vape juice and anti-freeze share a common ingredient, propylene glycol.

Yet propylene glycol is also found in common foods like frosting and candy. And according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), propylene glycol is completely safe for ingestion by humans.

More Vaping Myths Debunked
While these 5 vaping myths debunked may be some of the most common misconceptions out there, this list certainly isn’t exhaustive.

Looking for more tips and tricks for vaping enthusiasts? Stay in the know about vaping news by keeping up with our blog posts!

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5 Common Vaping Myths Debunked
Since vaping become a trend, there's been a lot of disinformation. If you're in a cloud of confusion, we're debunking the most common vaping myths.

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