5 Best Ways To Wear Jeans in Winter 2017


This season, the most fashionable are high waisted jeans, jeans with unevenly trimmed edges, and trousers with stripes or contrasting inserts. Simple classic models are hardly visible – jeans in the Fall-Winter of 2017 should definitely be something to stand out.  

How to wear all these things to be on top this Winter? Here are some of the most noticeable trends.

1. Ripped jeans look best with heel ankle boots.


Source: Sophie Athas

2. Frayed jeans – another trend to try this season.

You can wear them with blazer, jacket or shortened coat.


Source: whowhatwear.co.uk

You can combine your blue jeans that are frayed at the knees with a long knee-length coat to looks extra stylish.

3. Mom jeans look great with light floral shirts. 

Also you can wear oversized sweaters to feel warm and comfortable.


Source: juliettecapuleti.com

4. Blazer plus blue jeans are still so fashionable and always look great.

You can wear heels, boots or sneakers. Both skinny jeans and boyfriends together with classic jacket make a simple but stylish combination.


Source: www.whowhatwear.co.uk

5. Boyfriend jeans and leather biker jacket will make you look cool.

To finish our outfit you may choose heels or patterned shoes.


Source: justthedesign.com

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