5 Best Award-Winning Fantasy Books of 2017


Are you seeking a place to escape reality and enjoy wonderful fiction world? Or you just a fan of fantasy and the one who waits all day long to take a book in the hands and start driving into another universe?

Then follow our lead and check out Nexter’s list of best fantasy books 2017.

1. The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Claire North


Source: gr-assets.com

Award: Best Novel

The Sudden Appearance of Hope is the story about the girl who is forgotten by every single person in the world, even her own relatives don’t remember her. It all started when Hope was 16 years old and became a jewel thief. Why not considering the ability/curse she obtained?

“…the experience of sitting with it, sinking into it, aching along with Hope as her loneliness shapes and breaks her, was wonderful, painful and moving.”  – NPR Books.

2.The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe by Kij Johnson


Source: gr-assets.com

Award: Best Long Fiction

Vellitt Boe, the teacher in the college for women –  Ulthar Women’s College, defends the future of the institution on her own.

Once, the most gifted girl seems to escape from the college with a man from the “waking world” and travel to the Dreamlands to re-discover herself. Vellitt goes to look for her and all it turns to some kind of quest with the great deal of locations and interesting twists of the plot.

“Vellitt’s journey is a tale of self-discovery, or rather, of redefining oneself, reencountering a person once thought to be lost forever.”Kirkus Reviews.

3. “Das Steingeschöpf” by G.V. Anderson


Source: strangehorizons.com

Award: Best Short Fiction

“Das Steingeschöpf” – “Strange Horizons” in English – is about a young German man, who is just beginning his career and is about to accomplish his first mission, however, it’s not as easy as he thinks.

The past of the main character is revealed in flashbacks and is followed by sentimental memories. Those days of the failure and isolation have broken him and made him indifferent to love and sympathy.

Rocket Stank Bank made a list of key German words and phrases mentioned in the novel for you to better understand the story:

  • Grau – gray
  • Für den Mann mit den roten Haaren – For the man with the red hair
  • Keine Hunde – No dogs
  • Keine Juden – No Jews
  • Schöpfer – creator
  • Steingeschöpf – stone creature (stone golem)
  • Sturmabteilung– stormtrooper
  • Wasserspeier – gargoyle

4. Dreaming in the Dark edited by Jack Dann


Source: gr-assets.com

Award: Best Anthology (the first one Australian book winning Fantasy Books Awards)

A modern Australian science fiction is a combination of dark fantasy and surrealism and magical realism. Dreaming in the Dark is another anthology made to support this thesis.

Truly, featuring twenty-one short stories written by modern of Australian fantasists and edited by Jack Dann, this book is a masterpiece of Australian Golden Age of sci-fi.

Some of the authors of the stories: James Bradley, Anna Tambour, Sean Williams, Terry Dowling, Richard Harland, Lisa L Hannett, Alan Baxter, Rjurik Davidson, Kim Westwood, Sean McMullen and others.

5. A Natural History of Hell by Jeffrey Ford


Source: gr-assets.com

Award: Best collection

A Natural History of Hell is a collection of 13 stories. Number 13 was picked not by accident: all tales are dark and mysterious, featuring scenes with Death and Emily Dickinson, dinner in honor of exorcism, the boy with an ability to see ghost, trip to Japan  and many more.

“Each story in this collection displays Ford’s vigorous invention and witty idiosyncrasy in explorations of the wicked and violent corners of the imagination…”Kirkus Reviews.

Check it out:

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