4 Reasons You Should Take Up Online Gaming


Online games are often seen as distractions from work productivity, household routines and social interactions, but the fact is they can offer numerous benefits to those who participate in them. The focus and dexterity needed to be a successful gamer result in enriched cognitive function, while the dynamic subculture that has emerged from this pastime boosts relational connections and reinforces a sense of community. So on this note, here are four reasons to make a hobby out of online gaming—you might be surprised at the positive effects you can yield in multiple areas of your life.   

It Can Teach You to Be More Attentive

Because an online game requires you as the participant to concentrate intensely on a specific objective, this will increase your attention span, confirms research published in Frontiers in Neuroscience. The study, which involved students at China’s University of Electronic Science and Technology, has found that one hour of online gaming enhances the capacity for visual selective attention. “This refers to the brain’s ability to focus on relevant visual information, while suppressing less relevant information,” the data clarifies. “Processing information uses energy, so individuals who excel at visual selective attention—who can narrow their focus on block out distractions—are using their brains more efficiently.”

It Can Strengthen Your Mental Health

If you experience issues with depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns, online gaming can be an active and enjoyable means to regulate your emotions. In 2012, clinicians at various schools and healthcare practices in New Zealand introduced an online game called SPARX as a therapeutic adjunct to help treat youth who had suffered from a mental illness. The research indicated that when participants mobilized their avatars to carry out the purposes of the game, this made them feel accomplished, stimulated and confident in their own abilities to overcome a challenge. As a result, this study inferred that online gaming can be a useful intervention in the treatment of some mental illnesses.

It Can Improve Your Decision Making

Online games that are action oriented, such as Call of Duty or Unreal Tournament, can elevate the assurance, reaction time and overall ease in which you make decisions. Due to the fast-paced nature of these games, the more often you participate, the more attuned your level of sensory awareness becomes. According to scientists at the University of Rochester, this exposure and responsiveness to the accelerated motion on a screen enables you to make a decision both quickly and accurately, based on the choices presented. In fact, the research indicates, those who prefer action games tend to reach a conclusion, then move forward with it around 25% faster than people who are not consistent gamers.

It Can Help You to Build Relationships

Despite the common stereotype that online gamers are averse to socializing with their peers, in most cases, the opposite is actually true. The culture of gaming is now so mainstream and ubiquitous that many participants, who meet each other on these websites and virtual platforms, interact in the real world too. Tournaments, conventions and other gamer-centric events all across the globe make it easier for people to become friends with others who share this interest. In fact, 34% of aficionados consider relationship building and interconnectivity to be their favorite aspect of online gaming based on a recent survey from Chumba Casino. So reject that assumption—you can be social and a gamer at the same time!

The most constructive hobbies are ones that activate the brain, enhance the mood and create interpersonal bonds. Online gaming offers all three of these benefits in a way that is both immersive and entertaining. So if you are in search of a new pastime, look no further than a computer screen and console!

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