4 Meaningful Motivational Tips for People Who Hate Exercising


Fewer than 20 percent of Americans exercise regularly, indicating that a majority of people are averse to exercise for various reasons. For the most part, anti-exercisers cite feeling too tired, experiencing aches and pains, or not having enough time after working long hours to commit to a fitness regimen.


Despite knowing the benefits of regular exercise, you might find yourself making these excuses, or perhaps you’ve come up with a few of your own. To some degree, they might seem valid. However, not-so-deep down, you know once you find the right motivation, you can overcome your aversion to exercise.

If you’re trying to overcome your resistance to working out, here are four motivational tips for you to take to heart.

1. Search for an Activity That You Love

Discovering which exercise routines and physical activities you enjoy doing — and that you’ll continue to do for the long haul — sounds easy enough. Of course, if you already knew what you enjoyed doing, this wouldn’t be an issue. So, newbie, that means it’s time to explore and experiment. Experts recommend trying out different routines and activities to determine what you like and dislike. To get started, answer some of these questions: 

  • Do I like the activity? 
  • Is this something that’s healthy for my body? 
  • Will this exercise routine or activity help me meet my health goals? 
  • Will I continue doing it or some variation of it over time? 

If running on the treadmill and lifting weights aren’t your thing, try out a few different activities, like battling through an obstacle course, joining a sports league, or signing up for a yoga, spin, boxing and/or martial arts class. 

2. Tap into Your Willpower Reserves

Starting a new exercise routine can be hard to get used to. Whether you initially experience pain or discomfort after working out, know that your body isn’t yet used to strenuous activity and that it’s working overtime to create positive fitness change. Simply put, fight through the mental and physical pain and fatigue and know that progress requires hard work and dedication. 

Remember: Once your body becomes more accustomed to physical activity, you’ll build up more endurance and no longer feel those aches and pains. And, before you know it, you’ll eventually begin to see some real results. But try not to take on too much at once, and make sure you’re feeling your best physically before working out

Say you’re a morning person. Then lace up your running shoes every day or every other day and take a long walk or jog before work. Conversely, if you have more free time and want to expel energy later in the day, head straight to the gym or hiking trail after work.

3. Reward Yourself with a New Wardrobe as You Meet Your Goals 

Despite all the progress you may make right off the bat, try not to negatively reward yourself by downing meals heavy in carbs and sweets high in sugar. In fact, rewards not centered around food are an essential motivator for many people who are looking to commit to a new, healthy lifestyle. 

So, instead of devouring food that may be ultimately halting your progress and goals, treat yourself to a new wardrobe that will make you look and feel good. One prime example is a bodysuit that reflects the results of your ongoing commitment to health and wellness. Indeed, the more you exercise, the more attractive pieces you can add to your collection to keep you motivated. 

4. Use a Fitness App 

It seems like the phrase, “just download the app” is becoming increasingly commonplace, but that’s for a good reason. Most of us keep our smartphones close at hand, and mobile apps can help us stay organized and on track in all things related to work, family life and health and wellness. Of course, apps that track your workout and nutritional goals can be quite useful. Some prime examples include MyFitnessPal and Strava.

Get Motivated and Get Moving for Your Health, Well-being and Happiness

As the saying goes, “give it the old college try.” That’s because many people who think they despise working out wind up falling in love with and making it a part of their everyday routine. Imagine the new you, anxiously awaiting each morning’s sunrise so you can lace up your shoes and take to the streets for that five-mile walk or jog.

Well, it’s more than possible with the right motivation and commitment, which includes downloading the latest and greatest fitness apps, making an effort to find activities you love, and rewarding yourself in meaningful ways. More than anything, though, it’s all about using your inner willpower so that fitness and exercise become ingrained in you.

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