4 Crucial Struggles in Life and How to Overcome Them


Life may be likened to a race filled with many hurdles. However, it may really not matter what methods you use to get past them. All you’re required to do is touch the finish line. Now, whether you like it or not, you’ll face some adversities and challenges in life.

Most people may think that pain and death are the only adversities we face in this treacherous path of living. But no! Certain situations such as rejection are but some of the most common struggles we may face. There are those who are so hard-pressed with the concept of death that when they get sick, they may be depressed or obsessively nervous. These are the type of struggles we’ll be dealing with today.

So, here are four crucial struggles in life and how to overcome them.

1. Drug addiction
When does the use of drugs become an addiction? This is an age-old question that has for the longest time puzzled parents, teachers as well as those directly affected. Addiction may, therefore, be characterized as the dependency on certain substances such as heroin or cocaine. Other substances that are commonly abused include marijuana, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Before we tackle the various ways of overcoming drug addictions, there are certain drugs that are so hard to quit. Meth (Methamphetamine) is one such substance. Overcoming meth addiction may in most cases prove impossible because of its brain hijacking power. In addition to this, it causes the release of a higher concentration of dopamine as compared to the naturally-produced levels in the brain. This is why it’s highly recommended that one relies on special treatment if they are to break free from this addiction. As for the rest, overcoming may involve methods such as:

  • Counseling and behavioral therapy
  • Drug-based treatments
  • The use of medical devices to help with withdrawal syndrome.
  • Treating psychological factors that may contribute to depression.

2. Messed up careers
Whether a successful business owner, a lucky office worker or an upcoming entrepreneur, you’ll at some point in life, encounter a messed up career. These are situations that;

  • May cause your business to take a backward trend
  • May cause your career skills to be deemed null and void
  • May cause you to get fired from a high ranking position

Now if this is the case with you, then it’s important that you recover and get back to your life.

How to overcome: Now, when all of this happens, you need a positive mindset to overcoming the loss of a job, bankruptcy or settling for a lower rank. The lack of money, for instance, will drive you to become more resourceful and creative. With this type of mindset, you are more than an overcomer.

3. Feeling unwell
Our health is the most prized possession we can ever ask for. Now, whenever you may have some feelings of tiredness, sickness, or headaches, it may prove detrimental to your production. There are, however, lifestyle factors that may contribute to your unwellness.

Overcoming unwellness: First and foremost it’s up to you to take ownership of your situation. The second part is that you need to come up with ways to better your current situation. In matters concerning lifestyle, work out, drink a lot of water, eat a balanced diet, and see a physician if need be.

4. The termination of a relationship
When it comes to matters of the heart, they are the most fragile. It’s been found that only a small fraction of the dating population find the right partners. The rest will either live a life of misery or experience a breakup. This is a delicate moment in one’s life that requires patience and perseverance.

Overcoming Heartaches: Find yourself! Sounds hard right? Well, it’s not. It all boils down to finding your purpose in life, regaining your sense of belonging and enjoying to do the things you love doing the most. Or otherwise, join a dating site.

These struggles may deter you from achieving your life’s goals. If this is the case, don’t let it get to you. Join support groups if need be, schedule for sessions with your shrink, and get in tune with divinity. This will give you the comeback of a lifetime.

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