4 Creative Cheating Methods That Left Teachers Dumbfounded


Many students have cheated once, twice, or a dozen times during tests. And just to clear things before we go on any further, cheating is not okay. We do not endorse or recommend cheating no matter the circumstance. Doing so can land you in serious trouble with your school or even jeopardize your entire academic life. For instance, you might end up with a zero in the test because it was voided on cheating grounds. Worse still, you might be suspended or expelled from your educational institution. Not good, right? Thus, it is vital to perform diligent custom writing throughout your educational life. Never give in to the temptation of pulling out a paper with answers or using your phone during tests or assignments.

With that said, we still have to take our hats off to some ingenious cheating methods devised by students during tests and assignments. At least, let us highlight them for their “effort.” So, here are some sophisticated cheating methods students have employed to beat their educators and the educational system at large:

  • The 007 Button-Hole Camera

We put the 007 on this one because this cheating method seems like what only James Bond would pull off. However, woe unto him for students in China have already caught on this tactic and are perhaps even better at it.

So here is what happens, a scheming student uses a button-hole camera on his/ her phone to take photos of the examination paper. This picture is then sent via a copper antenna that is sewn into the student’s clothes to another person with a receiver somewhere outside the school. This person attempts all the questions and sends the answers to the student via an earpiece. Brilliant, right?

This scheme works quite efficiently, and teachers rarely catch wind of it, but it is not ideal for all subjects. The person on the other end needs enough time to solve complicated problems at times, which might not always be feasible. Yet, somehow, technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams and the most difficult of problems can be solved in much less time now due to some solutions. Whether you want a software to help you solve differential equations or for sig figs, there is something out there that can help you get it done in half the time and with great accuracy. What happens is, you input your data and givens to an online calculator or software, and it is then able to map out the solution much faster than a normal being would. You’d basically be using artificial intelligence (AI) to solve math problems for you. We can only hope that such technology hasn’t reached students yet, because if it did, the possibilities of what they can do would be endless. Imagine an online calculator that can solve just about anything, from physics and chemistry problems to integration, and what it could do if it fell into the wrong hands.

  • The Distraction

Here two or three daring students cooperate in the cheating exercise. One feigns sickness or even a seizure. Then as invigilators run to contain the situation and offer the student “medical help,” the other students pass notes with answers to each other in the midst of the diversion created by one of their own.

  • Fake Water Labels

Given that most educational institutions allow students to carry water into the exam room, some have found this as an opportunity to cheat their way to academic success. Before the exam, students print labels with clues or even direct answers to questions they anticipate to come across in the exam. Then, they remove the real water labels and put these “cheating” labels. When exams come, all they have to do is turn their water bottles until they find the answers they seek.

  • The Bulletin Board

This method works if the invigilator is not a teacher in your school. Here, students print out notices with cheat sheets and pin them on the bulletin/ notice board in their class together with other official flyers from the school. Then, during exam time, all they do is pretend to be staring at the board when in the real sense they are getting answers to their tests.

That is it for today. Keep studying, so the tips would not be needed for you. But if there is such a need to cheat on your exams – be creative and smart!

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