4 CBD Blogs Every Cannaisseur Should Follow


Are you a self-described cannaisseur? Are you following these four CBD blogs? We highlight four websites that every CBD lover should follow!

Are you obsessed with CBD oil?

Everyone seems to be buzzing about CBD, the miracle oil. It’s effective for treating anxiety to sleeplessness to chronic pain. No wonder people can’t stop talking about it! 


There’s so much to learn about CBD. The best way to keep up with new laws, products, and science is by following trustworthy cannabis blogs.

Are you a self-described cannaisseur? Are you following these four CBD blogs? We highlight four websites that every CBD lover should follow!

1. CBD Origin 
Whether you know everything about CBD or you’ve just been introduced to it, the CBD Origin blog is a great read. Those who know it all, can keep up with the latest news on products and every evolving cannabis laws.

For people just getting acquainted with CBD, they have some great beginner’s guides. Since CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA, it’s crucial to learn what to look for when buying products. You don’t want to end up purchasing something that hasn’t undergone important testing!

2. Cloudy Kitchen
Have a love for cannabis and cooking? Then you have to bookmark the Cloudy Kitchen blog right now!

This blog teaches you how to add CBD to practically any food. There are recipes for CBD mashed potatoes, croissants, pancakes, ice cream, and more.

When your mouth is done watering from reading about all those delicious treats, they have plenty of other content to check out. They have articles on growing your own cannabis, CBD news, and product information.

3. Green Entrepreneur
With states legalizing marijuana and the rising popularity of CBD, cannabis has become a booming industry. In fact, it’s the fastest-growing industry in the US.

Want to stay up to date on market trends or maybe start a CBD company yourself? Then you have to read Green Entrepreneur.

There are great tips on how to start your own cannabis company from the ground up. They also have articles highlighting women entrepreneurs who are trailblazers in the industry.

You can even take Green Entrepreneur on the go with you. Listen to their podcast on your morning commute!

4. Merry Jane 
The blog Merry Jane is definitely the hippest one on our list. They cover cannabis news and products, plus cannabis-adjacent culture. This month, they even interviewed mega-cool musician Jenny Lewis about her relationship to hemp.

If you get tired of doing so much reading, don’t stress! Merry Jane has all sort of videos you can watch too. They have original shows ranging from cannabis-related news and fun interviews with celebrities.

After watching so much cannabis content, you’ll want to get your hands on some. With their dispensary map, you can find a store near you where you can pick up some CBD.

Bookmark These 4 Awesome CBD Blogs!
From the latest news to trends in product development, there’s so much to learn about CBD. Keep up with innovations in the industry by bookmarking these 4 CBD blogs.

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4 CBD Blogs Every Cannaisseur Should Follow
Are you a self-described cannaisseur?

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