4 Bracelets That Go Well with Everything


Bracelets have become the new go-to accessories in 2021. All that charm, sparkle, and color that gets added instantly to an outfit by layering a beautiful bracelet on the wrist is truly magical. Models on the latest runway shows can be seen wearing bracelets and cuffs in fresh styles with heavy adornments of crystals, diamonds, and pearls in various Bohemian looks. The popular trend includes edgy cuts of gemstones and rhinestones while also sticking to the basic styles of the bracelet that’s ideal for everyday wear. 


For accessories, women can just pair their bracelets with a beautiful set of stud earrings, and they’re good to go, as most of the attention lands upon the wrists. It’s perfect to exhibit the latest trends in fashion or keep to the classic favorites that always get picked first whenever one is creating versatile looks in various colors and styles – from casual to formal. It’s important to have jewelry pieces that can pair well with most of your clothes rather than buying a new item every week. Which results in a waste of money, time, and space. Yes, it’s possible to achieve a classy and sophisticated look from only a select few pieces of jewelry, which primarily includes bracelets. Ahead, we have a list of four different styles of bracelets that you can invest in that’ll style perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe:

  1. Tennis Bracelets

The most popular out of the rest, tennis bracelets are a must-have for every fashionable girl. It’s the first choice to pair or layer these bracelets with other gold chains or beaded bracelets, making the outfit perfect for any dressy or casual occasion. It’s the latest fashion to wear bracelets over blazers, coats, and chunky knit sweaters, so these will add the perfect amount of glamour to your winter outfits too. Tennis bracelets can be adorned with diamonds, crystals, or gemstones. Although, if you’re not too eager to break the bank, then it’ll make a perfect choice to go with the gemstones. Gemstones have unique properties to heal the person with their energies. Women can wear them exclusively, regularly, and for a long time to be most effective, but the variety of stones available today has made these precious stones even more helpful. Shungite jewelry, made out of a highly stunning black stone, is fabulous if one wants to cleanse their aura since it’s primarily constituted out of carbon. Tennis bracelets look classy and elegant with most outfits due to their high shine and metal finishing, so one should invest in them straight away. 

  1. Gemstone Bracelets

Gemstone bracelets are great for everyday wear since they can easily elevate a regular or formal outfit with their natural-colored charm and beauty. There are a variety of gemstones that people aren’t aware of – such as Shungite stones. Women can wear Shungite bracelets to protect themselves from strong radiation and clean their body from various negative energies. They come in various designs and are incredibly easy to blend with several outfits. One can wear matching colors or even contrasting shades if they want the bracelet to be the center of attention. They are perfect for formal occasions and can come in great textures and finishings of good metals such as gold or platinum. In addition, one can look for delicate designs in gemstone jewelry, such as beaded bracelets, which have a small chain that’s almost invisible and enhances the beauty of the stones against the wrist. Or else, one can pick a sleek, slider-style bracelet that’s easy to take off and fit onto any wrist size. Another ongoing trend in gemstone bracelets is the charm-style bracelets, multicolored gemstones hanging from a thin chain. This will pair well with neutrals, whites, beiges and look extremely beautiful in the summers.

  1. Gold Bangles

You may have seen this style showcased by luxury brands such as Cartier or Tiffany in recent times – circular in shape and firm in structure. However, most of the gold bangles are intricate, detailed with diamond pieces, and so versatile to style any outfit that they need to be on this list. One can easily fall in love with layering different bangles based on what event they’re attending and get a unique look each time. If one looks at the latest styles for bangles, they’ll be able to find different textures – like braided or hammered, and in various shades of gold metal. 

  1. Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets usually look like layered bangles but are more prominent and wider in comparison. They make for a great evening piece with a classy dress and can also be styled during the day if it’s a special or official occasion. Women can wear the cuff bracelets quickly since they’re adjustable and don’t have a clasp, yet they look incredibly stylish on their wrists. One can press both ends together to make the grip tighter and secure. These bracelets have different rock-sized stones or crystals attached in the center, which are incredibly noticeable and exquisite, along with the rest of the design. One can purchase it in different metals, although it’ll be better to check the adjustability on the wrist and opt for a lighter material since it covers a good amount on the wrist.

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4 Bracelets That Go Well with Everything
Cuff bracelets usually look like layered bangles but are more prominent and wider in comparison.
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