4 Amazing Tips For That Perfect Homecoming Look


As the big day draws close, you’ll want to get ready so that you can look perfect and step out in style. Here are some JJ’s House tips to get you on track.

Homecoming Hairstyle Tips

You have now chosen the perfect homecoming dress ensemble, and now you must choose a homecoming hairstyle. Whether your hair is short or long, thin or thick hair, curly or straight hair, getting the hairstyle that complements your look is part of the process. You could choose to straighten your hair if its curly or straighten it if its curly, wear it straight or braid your hair, accessorize it or not; it’s entirely up to you. Changing your everyday hairstyle for a special occasion such as homecoming gives you the chance to showcase your beauty to the world. Even the slightest change can make a huge difference. The hairstyle options for homecoming are endless.

Homecoming Make Up

A prom dress is obviously the most visible part of your evening look, but concealer, eyeliner Homecoming makeup can be one of the most exciting and fun parts of prom preparation, giving you an exciting evening look at a whole new level. Choosing makeup to match your homecoming dress is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild. You could opt to do your own make up or get a professional to transform your look as the process can be a total cinch. Explore the colors that you’re most comfortable with or try out all options on the color wheel to enhance the skin, emphasize the lips, and highlight the lips.

Also, try to leave more time to experiment with homecoming make up and don’t forget to get a second opinion from family and close friends.  You could also get professional advice from your makeup artist to be well on your way towards a picture perfect look.

Skin Care For Homecoming

Preparing your skin for homecoming is as simple as maintaining good hygiene and following simple care skin care advice. The First step to be well on your way to perfect skin is removing dirt and oil. When dirt and oil clog pores, anxiety producing blemishes can appear on the night before homecoming. And dirty skin can as well look greasy and shiny, making poor foundation for your prom makeup.

For a glowing and healthy skin, look for a cleanser that works well for you and be sure to test weeks before the homecoming party. Remember to also protect your skin from damage by moisturizing it with lotion.

Homecoming Nails

Homecoming nails can bring out your individual style and accent your home coming dress. From simple, unpolished chic look to girly pink polish that matches your prom dress, however you chose your nails to be done is all up to you. While at it, just remember to care for your nails by shaping and cleaning them. Keep in mind that even the tiniest details add up as you get ready for the party, so it’s up to you to create an unforgettable homecoming experience.

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