3 Tips To Help You Kickstart A Career In Healthcare


As the world weathers the effects of Covid-19, healthcare workers are in the spotlight. Even before the pandemic, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that healthcare jobs would grow rapidly in the next decade. According to Monster.com, healthcare jobs account for 12 of the 30 fastest-growing jobs across all professions.


As jobs in healthcare and news coverage about healthcare workers currently on the front line continue to dominate the headlines, there has been no better time to consider getting into the field. Whether you’re seeking advice on the best paying medical assistant jobs or searching for information to launch your medical career, a career in the healthcare industry has never been more lucrative – or easier – to begin.

Do Your Homework To Find Your Occupation Fit

list of the best healthcare jobs is released every year by organizations like U.S. News, Glassdoor, and College Consensus. It is often complied using many factors, including the number of projected jobs in the industry for 2020, average salary paid, and the level of educational qualifications (or experience) needed. Reports like these are a great start when considering a career in healthcare because they help you gain insight into the market for the coming year. This helps you prepare to join the industry, pinpoint occupations that may interest you, and spot healthcare jobs where recruitment opportunities exist.

Before choosing a healthcare career, you want to be completely sure it suits you, your working ideals and your desires. Another tool that can help you choose the right healthcare occupation is the use of a personality quiz. Each specialty and healthcare occupation comes with its own set of demands, skills and traits needed. For instance, the ability to make swift decisions and stay calm under pressure is crucial in the role of a paramedic. Therefore, before embarking on a career in healthcare, you want to ensure you assess your match to the role’s personality and skills profile.

Register Yourself For Volunteering Opportunities At Your Local Healthcare Center Or Hospital

Volunteering your time at your local hospital or medical center not only gives you hands-on experience, but also provides you with the opportunity to assess whether your chosen healthcare career is right for you. It is also a great way of networking and developing your social skills – a key aspect of some healthcare jobs.

The Public Health website gives an extensive list of volunteering resources, including tips on finding the right volunteer opportunity and links to local and international volunteer organizations, including the Point of Light Foundation, HealthcareVolunteer, and the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics. You can also approach specific healthcare offices and private practices in person and enquire about their willingness to accommodate volunteers. When choosing an internship, be sure it aligns with your career interests to maximize the benefits. You will also need to inquire about employer-provided coverage, including workers’ comp insurance for medical companies, to ensure you are protected from the hazards of the job, such as workplace injuries or medical company liabilities.

Get In Touch With The Right People For Advice And Networking

In the healthcare industry, membership of professional organizations and work experience is very valuable. Each healthcare discipline will have its own network of certified professionals that acts as a mingling and resource mechanism for those in the industry. As a new member (or someone trying to gain access), this network will prove to be invaluable when securing job opportunities, internship or work experience opportunities, or even securing a mentor for your healthcare career training. Start with your school/learning institution alumni organization along with career specialty professional certification as a way of expanding your network. Attending professional wellness and health conferences in your area like the upcoming West Coast’s Better Vision Conference is also a great way to meet other people in the industry and gain useful exposure.

Recent months have only highlighted just how important the country’s healthcare industry is and why it may be the career to pursue. With endless job options in the healthcare industry, there is a career for people of all ages, education and experience levels. Whether you prefer the traditional 4-year college route or want to skip it altogether and learn on the job, there is a role in healthcare for you.

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3 Tips To Help You Kickstart A Career In Healthcare
According to Monster.com, healthcare jobs account for 12 of the 30 fastest-growing jobs across all professions.
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