3 Reasons to Travel Light


People travel for diverse reasons. Some want to experience the finer things in life, so they trek through Parisian side streets searching for the perfect vol au vent. Others find a slow, rural pace of life liberating, so they head to the Patagonian foothills for fresh air. Some people need a beach and a stiff cocktail, while others prefer the all-night thrum of a nightclub.

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But there’s one thing that none of these travel experiences need: a heavy, bulky suitcase. It doesn’t matter what type of trip you’re on – whether you’re in a glitzy city or remote village – lugging a heavy suitcase just doesn’t make sense.
In this article, let’s look at four reasons to travel light. Then, let’s explore the one tip ultra-light packers use to fit everything they need in one compact bag.
It Saves Money
As airlines rebound from a year-and-a-half of record losses, expect those already exorbitant checked bag fees to continue climbing. Some airlines already charge $50 to $100 for a checked bag, which is sadly becoming the norm.
But you can get around this nickel-and-diming by fitting everything in your carry-on. As a bonus, you may even save money in other ways (for instance, public transport is more manageable with small bags, potentially saving you taxi fare).
It Saves Time
That 45 minutes you spend watching the luggage carousel lazily spin is time you’ll never get back. With a light, compact carry-on, you can breeze past the baggage claim and start your adventure sooner.
A compact bag also lets you move around quicker, so you can fit more activities and experiences into your day.

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It Affords You More Freedom
This is perhaps the best reason to travel light. When you travel with a bulky suitcase full of creature comforts and wardrobe items, what you’re essentially doing is moving your home to a different location. And it weighs you down.
By contrast, packing light allows you to move freely. You can catch that last-minute train in a hurry. You can get lost through the side streets of a city. You can climb majestic hills overlooking tea fields. And you can be spontaneous and agile. All of that is hard to do with a bulky suitcase at your hip.
How to Pack Light
Most of the time, people who overpack are under the false assumption that travelling somehow changes your core sensibilities. They pack several different outfit options, just in case. And eventually, all those “just in cases” add up.
You don’t need a closet full of clothes and accessories when you travel, though. You just need a few basic, versatile, sophisticated articles of clothing that make you feel comfortable. Ultra-light packers tend to choose merino wool for their trips since it’s breathable, insulating and wrinkle-resistant. Crucially, it also stays fresh for long periods, so you don’t have to pack nearly as many items.
Pack a few pairs of merino wool underwear and socks, a couple of merino t-shirts and a couple of bottoms. Honestly: that’s all you really need for most (warm) destinations. It’s a hack that most avid light travellers know, but hopefully, it helps.
Next time you plan a trip, think about saving money, saving time and moving freely – think about travelling light.

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3 Reasons to Travel Light
Pack a few pairs of merino wool underwear and socks, a couple of merino t-shirts and a couple of bottoms.
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