3 Preventable SEO Mistakes That Could Harm Your Small Business


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an internet marketing tool that can bring rich dividends for your small business—provided it’s done right. It requires a certain level of expertise to pull off a successful SEO campaign, and not every digital agency is well-equipped to serve your business needs.

When you’re interviewing SEO companies, you need to ensure that they understand your business and have the know-how and resources to tailor a strategy that will bring measurable results for your enterprise. If you have a digital marketing plan in place but have not seen the results you expected, here are three things you or your team could be doing wrong.

Poor website loading speed

Anything that’s worse than having a poorly made business site is having a good website that takes eons to load. One of the biggest reasons visitors abandon a site is too much loading time—your prospective customers don’t have the patience to wait for a web page to load when they have plenty of other options on the internet.

Aside from displeasing your visitors, poor load speed also affects your search engine ranking, thus wasting all the time and effort your team put into SEO activities. In addition, learn about meta tags, meta descriptions, keyword use, etc.—it will help you make better marketing decisions.

In a nutshell, ensuring that your site is in top shape technically should be a priority if you want your SEO strategy to work.

Low-quality onsite and offsite content

It’s not only your website, but what’s on it, that determines how search engines treat your site. Poor, error-ridden content greatly affects your rankings—but it is a common problem, as many businesses try to save money by procuring low-quality content, not realizing how much it would affect their revenues in the long term.

Whether it’s the content on your own web pages or offsite content (social media posts, guest posts on other sites, images, videos, etc.), brief your digital agency that your brand should be represented via high-quality content only.

Search engines determine the worthiness of your site based on a number of factors, and content quality is an important parameter. So avoid falling for the cheapest quote and work with reputable, reliable and experienced agencies such as Outreach Monks.

Ineffective or insufficient use of backlinks

Backlinks, also known as incoming links or external links, are a superb SEO tool to increase organic traffic to your site and improve your search engine rankings. Quality backlinks coming from high-authority websites tell search engines that your site is trusted by users and considered to be a source of authentic information.

In addition, publishing quality content on leading sites in your business niche will make your potential customers take notice of your brand and expertise in your field of work. But finding, contacting and working out a publishing plan with these sites can be a lot of work, which is why most entrepreneurs choose to entrust the task to a qualified SEO firm or link-building service.

Ella Brown is a passionate content writer as well as a blogger. Along with blogging, She manages the digital marketing team at Submitcore.

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