3 Dishes We All Love That Appeared Accidentally


Thanks to occasional events in the past, today we can enjoy breakfast with cornflakes, crispy chips and legendary Caesar salad. Nexter prepared a compilation of 3 delicious dishes which were invented by accident.

Corn Flakes

It’s so difficult to imagine typical breakfast without Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®. The inventor of this classic cold cereals was Will Keith Kellogg, born on April 7, 1860 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

At the end of the 19th century, brothers John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg worked at the Battle Creek sanatorium in Michigan. They were interested in developing healthy diets for patients so they experimented with different types of wholegrain dough.

One day Will Kellogg boiled some wheat to make a dough, and accidentally let it stand for a few hours. When he returned, he discovered that the wheat had become soft and tempered. He decided to put it through the regular rolling process for baking anyway and get flat, wide flakes. After baking, they turned into a crispy and light cereal product.

The patients of the sanatorium loved it so in 1898 the brothers established the Sanitas Food Company. Later, Will turned his cornflake business into a large-scale, international, packaged food enterprise.

Today, the company produces their foods in 18 countries and distributes them in over 180.

How did the chips appear?

There are two main versions of the legend how chips appeared. According to the first one, it happened in the summer of 1853, when millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt dined at the cafe “Muns Lake House” in Saratoga Springs. He was served a partridge with the french fries, but Vanderbilt refused to eat saying that the potatoes had been cut too large.

Then the easy on the trigger cook George Crum decided to teach him a lesson. He cut the potatoes as thin as he could. Then he fried the slices in oil until they became crisp. Surprisingly, Vanderbilt did not get angry. He liked the unusual snack. Soon the chips entered the menu as a special dish.

Another version says that Crum’s sister Kate Wicks invented the potato chips, accidentally dropping a piece of potato into a pot of hot fat.

But those are only legends, the true origin of the crispy fried potato will probably never be known.

How did Caesar salad appear?

The invention of a world-famous salad is credited with the owner of the Mexican restaurant  – Caesar Cardini.

In 1923, because of the dry law in US, wealthy Americans came to Mexico on holidays to have a drink and have fun. On American Independence Day, there were so many customers at Caesar’s restaurant in Tijuana, that there was nothing to serve.

Cardini decided to mix everything he found in the kitchen: fresh lettuce, lemon juice, garlic, Italian olive oil, eggs and parmesan. In an interview Caesar’s daughter Rosa claimed that in the original salad recipe there were no anchovies, and their aftertaste appeared from the Worcester sauce, which includes this fish.

Whatever it was, the visitors loved the salad and it became popular all over the globe.

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