3 Best Bitcoin Wallets on Android OS


If you own bitcoin, you must be aware that this digital currency is susceptible to external attacks and requires a safe storage place. Many bitcoin traders and investors like to store their bitcoins on exchanges; however, it’s not a good idea as they do not provide full autonomy over your private keys, and numerous instances of exchange hacking in the past have left many people devoid of their precious bitcoins.


The best alternative to storing bitcoin is on hardware devices like the Trezor or Ledger. They are great for storing large amounts of bitcoin off the grid but are costly, causing many to look for alternative means, especially those new to bitcoin. The next best option is to use wallets that reside on your mobile or other computing devices. Many of these run on the Android OS and provide a great deal of security and functionality for bitcoin. For more information you can visit bitcoins evolution

Here are some android wallets you can start with but be sure to store your bitcoin on to hardware wallets once you’ve amassed a good fortune. You can use your fortune in many ways – luccaindiretta.it mentions some places you can start.


Electrum is a free wallet available on Android, Linux, Windows, and OSX. It’s open-source, ensuring higher quality software whose security and features can be verified by developers and users. It only supports Bitcoin but provides abundant safety features such as private key encryption with cold storage to keep them secure and offline. Keys are easy to export to use bitcoins on other clients, and multi-signature (multi-sig) feature that allows multiple transaction verifiers. Additionally, you can use third-party plugins to further secure your bitcoins, like using those that support hardware wallets and two-factor authentication.

Many complain that it’s not user-friendly, but considering it’s open-source, developers are continually updating UI’s that make it easy to use on multiple platforms.

Trust Wallet

Like Electrum, Trust wallet is another open-source and free-to-use wallet available on Android. It has a user-friendly interface, and other than Bitcoin, it supports more than 160K+ assets, including popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin on more than 40 blockchains. You can exchange these coins with the Binance and Kyber Network DEX protocols and take advantage of decentralized applications (DApps) directly through your wallet via a web3 browser to trade in tokens as well.

In terms of security, Trust wallet stores your keys locally rather than on servers. It allows users to back up a seed phrase so that they don’t lose access to their wallet, and biometric verification like Face ID and Touch ID provides a barrier for anyone other than the wallet owner.


Exodus is one of the best wallets available on desktop and mobile Android devices when starting in Bitcoin. Like Trust Wallet, it also provides the option to secure bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its simple design and an easy-to-navigate interface make it convenient for users to secure bitcoin or other digital currencies. Moreover, its in-built exchange offers easy trading services for users from their wallets without accessing online exchanges, and its 24/7 support helps users address any problems they may have.

Although the wallet provides essential security features like on-device private key storage and two-factor authentication, it isn’t wholly open-source, making development slow. Therefore, it may not be the best for securing large amounts of Bitcoin as older versions remain vulnerable to hacking if not updated timely.

Final thoughts

It’s important to stress again that although android wallets are a good option for securing bitcoin, they are not impregnable. It is the asset holder’s responsibility to employ practices that maintain their asset’s security, such as backing up seed phrases, avoiding unreliable links to prevent phishing attacks, and keeping your assets a secret so that one doesn’t become an obvious target.


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3 Best Bitcoin Wallets on Android OS
It’s important to stress again that although android wallets are a good option for securing bitcoin, they are not impregnable.
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