3 [adult swim] TV-shows You Never Heard About


If you are a fan of Simpsons, Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman and South Park, you will be very glad you found Nexter’s list of “adult swim” TV-shows.

We do promise – these absurd and hilarious series are going to make the day.


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1. Moonbeam City

An unfortunate detective – Dazzle Novak – is running the show and try to solve the crime mysteries. However, as it turns out, he is more associated with criminality than his suspects.

Dazzle has a companion – despotic, yet glamorous and charming Pizzaz Miller. In other words, she is that kind of woman who is always trying to control her man, but, because of the strong mutual attraction, she fails to do it.


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Rad Cunningham is  Dazzle’s goofy and cowardly enemy, who unsuccessfully tries to outsmart the main protagonist.

Full of hilarious jokes and followed by synthy-pop music, “Moonbeam City” won’t leave you indifferent.

Running time: 22 min.

Number of seasons: 1 (Unfortunately, was canceled).

Number of episodes: 10.

2. Danger 5

Australian masterpiece – “Danger 5” – features a multitude of all kinds of plot twists and unexpected characters, including Nazi T-Rexes, dinosaurs and sheepdogs, the parody on Hitler and his allies, fantastic zeppelins and the leader of the Danger 5 team – eagle-headed Colonel Chestbridge.

Not joking, he really has an eagle’s head instead of a regular one. With feathers and everything.


Source: SBS One

Moreover, the locations vary from episode to episode: North Africa, Paris, Antarctica, Belgium, Switzerland, the lost city of Atlantis and a lot more.


Source: SBS One

Danger 5 team includes 5 (surprisingly) outstanding characters with their own unique features and advantages: a thief of hearts – Jackson, Russian “siren” – Ilsa, the leader of the group and the most responsible member – Tucker, an intelligent and shy woman – Claire and a bartender – Pierre.

Attention! This TV-show is more than just absurd and ridiculous, but definitely worth watching.

Running time: 25 min.

Number of seasons: 2.

Number of episodes: 13.

3. 12 oz. Mouse

The story of a mouse (Fitz) addicted to alcohol is reminiscent of the period of life that almost every desperate person in the world has had. In a nutshell, he applies for really strange jobs and team up with weird characters to earn money and buy more beer.

Surreal and absurd humor is achieved through puns and random statements, as well as through scenes with motionless characters and odd characters – an employer Shark,  a chinchilla – Skillet, a pink square – Rectangular Businessman, a peanut-shaped policeman – Peanut Cup and others.

Running time: 12 min.

Number of seasons: 2.

Number of episodes: 20.

Check it out:

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