26 Teenage Girls Found Dead at Mediterranean Sea (Updated)


The Nigerian teenage girls, aged 14-18, have been found dead by Italian rescue team in the Mediterranean Sea.

This is one of the rescue operations conducted this weekend, in total, there were 400 people found in the middle of the sea (90 women and 52 children).

Updated (5:22 a.m. EST Nov.7):

New video with the photos of this terrible accident:

What happened?


Source: essence.com

A grim picture was observed by the rescuers on Sunday morning: survived girls were found hanging onto the rubber boat, some of the corpses were floating around.

It is believed that they are the refugees fleeing to Europe from Libya over the weekend.


Libya is a famous starting point for refugees (people fleeing war, hostility,and ill-treatment) looking for shelter and proper living conditions on the Mediterranean shores.

2,839 migrants have been found in the Mediterranean sea this year.

Human Smuggling?


Source: unodc.org

The North African countries is a place where human trafficking is widely spread due to Libya’s uncontrolled government system. The smugglers regularly charge refugees up to $6000 to get to European countries.

It is still unclear whether this particular case is connected to human traffickers. According to CNN, Authorities are currently investigating the cause of death and the autopsy will be carried out the day after tomorrow.

There is also a possibility of torturing, violent treatment or sexual abuse.

Police arrested two men, however, officers have come to a conclusion that they are not connected to the vessel transporting the Nigerian girls.

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