So, Who Are Those 2018 World’s 7 Most Powerful and Influential Women According to Forbes?


Forbes The 2018 World’s 100 Most Powerful list celebrates the icons and most influential female innovators. Check out to know top 7 best of 2018. 

#1 Angela Merkel

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The top place was taken by Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. She’s German statesman and political figure, a former party leader of the Christian Democratic Union (since April 10, 2000).

In November 2018, Angela Merkel announced she would leave the chair of the leader of her center-right Christian Democrat Union (CDU) party. She has spent 18 years in the post and she won’t participate in re-election at the party’s convention in December.

Angela Merkel assured media she wanted to keep her post as chancellor as she held it since 2005. It means that Merkel will be the chancellor until 2021. This term will be her last one.

#2 Theresa May

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Theresa May – British statesman and politician, currently Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (since July 2016). At present, Teresa May is also the leader of the Conservative Party.

On November 13, representatives of the European Union and the United Kingdom agreed including Theresa May on the final text of the Brexit agreement. It was noted that the text of the agreement was finished at the “technical level” after the negotiations.

In particular, the parties reached a preliminary agreement to resolve the problem of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

British Minister for Northern Ireland Shailesh Vara said he did not agree with the draft agreement on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union, and therefore resigns. Also, Boris Johnson has resigned as foreign secretary and David Davis has resigned due to differences with Theresa May, Prime Minister.

#3 Christine Lagarde

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Christine Lagarde is French politician and statesman, member of the French cabinet (2005-2011), director of the IMF (since 2011).

The IMF Managing Director heads the Fund’s staff and chairs the executive board. Managing the work of the Fund, which serves 187 Member States with the help of approximately 2,700 staff from more than 140 countries. She’s is supported by three deputies.

#4 Mary Barra 

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Mary Teresa Barra is the Chairwoman and CEO of General Motors Company. She was appointed an executive director of global manufacturing and development after successfully managing the unprofitable factory Detroit Hamtramck.

Four years later, she became vice-president of the unit. Mary came to General Motors at the age of 18 as an intern, and after graduating from a specialized college she began working as a quality inspector at a factory producing medium-motor sports cars Pontiac Fiero.

#5 Abigail Johnson

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Abigail Johnson is an American businesswoman that has been president and chief executive officer of US investment firm Fidelity Investments since 2004. She’s also a chairman of Fidelity International founded by her grandfather Edward C. Johnson II.

The heiress of the financial empire, Abigail Johnson, was being prepared for business activities since childhood. Prestigious educational institutions, the internship at a family enterprise, systematic career growth – Johnson went through all the stages until she took a leading position in the family company.

#6 Melinda Gates

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Melinda Gates is an American philanthropist and a former Microsoft employee and co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She’s also the wife of Bill Gates, principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.

The Melinda and Bill Foundation is the largest in the world based on private investment, with an absolutely transparent scheme of action, but at the same time, all monetary processes with its participation are exempt from taxation.

As part of charitable programs, the foundation provides assistance to residents of African countries by supplying them with free vaccines and medicines.

#7 Susan Wojcicki

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Susan Wojcicki is an American technology executive and CEO of YouTube since February 2014.

As a matter of fact, YouTube’s percentage of female employees has risen from 24 to nearly 30% after Susan Wojcicki has taken the place of company’s CEO.


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So, Who Are Those 2018 World’s 7 Most Powerful and Influential Women According to Forbes?
So, Who Are Those 2018 World’s 7 Most Powerful and Influential Women According to Forbes?
Forbes The 2018 World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list celebrates the icons and most influential female innovators. Check out to know top 7 best women of 2018.

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