2017 AMAs Demolished by BTS: Hottest K-Pop Band Photos and Facts


BTS – is a South Korean boy band, featuring young seven boys, was the first K-pop music band performed on AMAs. BTS is believed to have demolished 2017 AMAs and have made a history.

See what Nexter found out about BTS:

New Korean History-Makers


Source: bangtanintl.com

BTS is for “Bangtan Boys” or “Beyond The Scene”. Boys have made their performance debut on 2017 AMAs and have left a trace in everyone’s heart.

The band consists of seven members:  Jin, J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Every boy has his own unique talent and brings to the band an essential contribution. Combining their strengths, BTS make an outstanding performance and blows up the stage.

BTS’s influence on American pop-culture


Source: peopledotcom.com

Currently, Bangtan Boys are becoming more and more popular in US and around the globe: millions of fans subscribe to their social media accounts. Boys post something every single day to please their fans and, thus, they gain new followers really fast.

Despite the fact they sing in Korean, BTS have toured in US and want to continue singing in their native language. As far as we know, Bangtan Boys won’t release an album in English.

Deep and Profound lyrics   

Unfortunately, most of the K-pop bands are associated with silly and unmeaningful songs, however, BTS have proven that they aren’t this simple.

They try to deliver a strong message: “Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream”BTS – N.O.

“(So thanks) Believing in someone like me / Dealing with these tears and wounds / (So thanks) For becoming my light / For becoming the flower in the most beautiful moment in life”BTS – 2! 3!Hoping For More Good Days.

BTS’s followers on social media platforms:

Moreover, BTS broke the world record for most Twitter engagements having an average of 252,200 retweets per tweet. 

 Top 5 Video (View Count)

1. BTS – Dope, 231M views

2. BTS – Fire, 231M views

3. BTS – Blood, Sweat and Tears, 210M views

4. BTS – Boy in Luv, 162M views

5. BTS – DNA, 161M views


Jared Leto, a frontman of the music band 30 seconds to Mars and a famous actor, said that he needed some time to recover from BTS performance:

A young actor, from The Divergent Series franchise and The Fault in Our Stars, Ansel Elgort, really loved the performance:

The winners of this year’s favorite electronic dance music artist – The Chainsmokers – haven’t lost a chance to take a photo with boys:

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