11 Tips To Become A Great Writer


Writing is a hobby for many. For others, too, it has become their source of income. But, while writing may be fun, it’s also hard. One doesn’t become a good writer overnight. It takes practice, a lot of it. After all, writing is a skill that’s developed when you keep on doing it.


If you love writing, but feel like you’re bad at it, there’s still so much room for improvement. These tips below can help give you a headstart on becoming a good writer.

1. Go Back To The Basics

If you’re serious about becoming a great writer, it can do you no wrong to brush up on the basic principles of writing. You don’t need to hold an English degree for you to be a good writer. But, at least knowing and applying the basics can help you in creating incredible content. There are many resources that you can choose from online, and through physical books on the basic writing principles.

2. Start Writing Topics You’re Comfortable In

In the long run, you’ll need to be able to write even about the most technical matters. That way, you become a versatile and in-demand writer. But, for starters, it’s best to stick with topics you’re comfortable with. That way, you won’t have too much of a hard time starting at the screen, like as if 500 words is a death sentence. When you learn to enjoy by first writing topics you’re comfortable in, moving into harder issues won’t be too hard for you.

3. Practice Every Day

Whether you’re writing professionally or not, it pays to practice every day. No, you don’t have to torture yourself with a 1,000-word essay as your practice every day. Even one to two paragraphs help. Consistency is essential in developing a good habit or skill. Writing is no exception.

4. Read A Lot

The best writers have developed their skills well because they’re also keen readers. Reading a lot helps you develop a more extensive command of the English language. Your grammar improves, and your choice of words broadens as well. Pay attention to structure and flow when you read. This can help you develop an excellent writing style, too.

5. Create A Routine

For many writers, they need consistency to keep their creative juices flowing. Familiarity is vital. As you develop a routine, it also enables you to find that place and time of the day, where you’re most productive as a writer. When you work during this time, you slowly work your way up towards becoming a better writer.

6. Find A Writing Buddy

If you’ve got friends or co-workers that are great writers, partner with them. Especially during practice hours, it pays for you to give them a sample of your practice work. Because you’re buddies, they can provide you the most honest and constructive ways for you to improve. Your writing buddy is like your partner for success.

7. Don’t Edit While You Write

When you’re writing, just keep writing. That way, your thoughts don’t stop. Don’t block the flow of creative juices coming out of your brain. Sometimes, once you’re distracted, it’s hard to focus. You should edit, and check the word count after you’ve already written. After you’re done writing, you can use a word counter to help you track your running count.

That way, you’ve poured out all the necessary information, before you make the necessary edits for a better-written work.

8. Take Workshops

While practice makes perfect, it also helps to attend writing workshops from time to time. Learning never stops, especially when you want to be a successful and professional writer. For instance, you hope to maintain a blog as an online business. There are many things that you can learn from experts. Plus, working with the experts also allows you to brush up on your usual mistakes or weak points.

9. Take Breaks

This tip applies if you’re writing professionally. Sometimes you may be writing too much in a day that this tires you out. Your memory starts to block information, and it becomes harder to focus. Taking breaks during the day helps. This allows your mind to pause and think even more. That way, you’re able to contribute more information to your works.


10. Create Outlines

As a writer, outlines are always going to be your best friend. An outline is a list of bullet points of sub-topics that comprise the paragraphs as you write. Creating an outline before you start writing helps put structure to your work. Plus, this also makes the whole process of writing easier when you can break it up into sections.

11. Remove Any Distractions

There’s no room for multitasking when it comes to writing. To focus and give out your best the whole time, you have to remember to stay away from any distractions. Else, you won’t be able to focus on the content you’re writing on. Rather than writing a good copy, you might end up with a messy and mediocre one, simply because you got distracted.


You may be reading this because you need help with writing. Perhaps you’ve recently been asked to write an important essay for school. Others have also gotten employed with content marketing. Yes, working as a writer can be intimidating. But, with a lot of practice, it’s one that you’ll undoubtedly find satisfaction doing. These tips are an excellent place for you to start improving.

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11 Tips To Become A Great Writer
Writing is a hobby for many. For others, too, it has become their source of income. But, while writing may be fun, it's also hard.

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