10 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever


Wondering who wears the most expensive engagement ring? Shockingly – said No One – we’re going to have to take a look at a few celebrity brides to answer that question.


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Many of these celebs post their rocks to Twitter or Pinterest with immediate wedding congratulations and a lot of jealous from what seems like the entire country.
Read on and you’ll see why.

Celebrities live life large, and their ring fingers are no exception. There are plenty of larger than life celebrity diamonds, but we’re interested in the biggest and most expensive rings.
Wedding Forward prepared for you top 10 the most expensive rings.

Hillary Duff:
If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, the next time you’re told to stop playing and hit the books, this is proof-positive that you can ignore that advice. Mike Comrie put his NHL salary to good use by popping the question to (unfortunately now divorced) Hillary Duff with a 14-carat princess cut diamond, million dollar diamond ring.

Kate Upton:
The Met Gala is where celebs show off the hottest and most creative designer gowns you can imagine. But, in 2016 it was almost impossible to notice Kylie Jenner’s flawless beaded Olivier Rousteing gown next to Kate Upton’s $1.5 million 8-carat diamond.

Paris Hilton:
Paris Hilton’s $2 million, enormous 20-carat diamond is a bitter-sweet story. She lost this work of art in nightclub. Don’t worry, Paris made up for the gaffe a few years earlier by auctioned her previous 24-carat engagement ring to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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We’re pretty sure that Ciara doesn’t have to hit the gym anymore. She gets all the exercise she needs lugging around this massive $2.5 million, 15-carat boulder.

Blake Lively: $2.5 Million
What’s better than robbing Canada of its most precious export? Wearing his engagement ring. Ryan Reynolds presented a gorgeous 7 carat diamond ring. Although it’s not as large as some of the other engagement rings on this list, it more than make up for it with ultra-stylish features such as a light-pink oval diamond with pavé diamonds and rose gold.

Kim Kardashian:
Sorry Kanye. You may be the second thing people think of when they hear the name Kim K. That’s just what happens when you spend $4 million on one of the world’s most expensive rings. Our sincere condolences about the beautiful ring being stolen during 2016’s Paris robbery.

Jennifer Lopez:
Jenny’s been around the block more than once, making A. Rod’s ability to impress pretty challenging. But he didn’t disappoint. He managed to throw a shadow (overshadow + throw shade, see what we did there?) Marc Anthony’s $4 Million 8.5 carat rare-blue diamond with a $5 million dollar, 20 carat diamond ring!


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It doesn’t matter if you’re newly engaged or celebrating your 60th wedding anniversary, you’re curious about the infamous Beyoncé engagement ring. Her rock, which looks like it could power a space station, is emerald cut and comes in at a whopping 24 carats and comes with a price tag of $5 Million. You’re setting the bar a little high there Jay.

Elizabeth Taylor:
Elizabeth Taylor cracked the code on garnering expensive engagement rings. Throughout her 8 marriage – yes 8 – she managed to wrangle a 33.19-carat monster of a ring, valued at $8.8 million! We guess it takes that kind of glitter to steer glances away from those twice-the-normal-amount eyelashes.


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Mariah Carey:
Why would you buy 10 $1 million rings when you can adorn a record breaking engagement ring. Unsurprisingly, Mimi is able to wear this 35-carat gem effortlessly in a way that makes it look perfectly natural on her ring finger… even a year after her breakup with fiance James Packer.


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Celebrities aren’t exactly known for keeping it casual. They’re making more and more money through films, endorsement deals, and entrepreneurship. It’s an absolute certainty that there’ll be a new list soon enough. Come back often to see the latest and greatest humongous engagement rings.

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10 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever
Who rocks the most expensive engagement rings? Celebrities of course. Flip through our list to find the biggest and expensive engagement rings.
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