Beautiful Portraits Of Cats With Proper Manners. Cuteness and Nobility Are Here!


This series by Likhitha Muralikrishna is a tribute to all the cats."I first met cats on the internet. If the internet is bountiful with one thing, it is cats – their memes and videos. From this sprung yearning to really interact with cats. I spent a lot of time at Rehana Mohammed Shakir’s Pet Therapy and Surrogate Pet Programme, and learned so much about cats in there.So I set out to photograph animal portraits starting with cats.They are highly misunderstood sometimes, and I hope to showcase them in their various moods as “little people”.

1.Little Princesses

"Everyone at Rehana’s had unique personalities, they were all special and precious, they amazed me. Was it a miracle? Was it the way Rehana raised them?..Maybe"



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