Welcome To The "DC Comics Super Heroes Café" Where Everybody Can Be A Part Of A Big Family!


We've seen heroic hotels, comic-inspired coasters, and even superhero swimsuits, but we've never seen a tribute to comic books quite like the DC Comics Super Heroes Café. With two well-loved locations in Malaysia and a brand-new one that just opened in Singapore, the publisher-endorsed restaurant doesn't just cite DC's comic books as decor inspiration — no, it includes odes to famous heroes (and villains!) in the food, too.

1.I Am Convinced That You Are Definitely Want to Check Out the "DC Comics Superhero Cafe"

The DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe is owned by JT Network, the company that’s officially licensed to sell DC Comics merchandise throughout Asia. Of course, one would expect that if a company already holds the official DC Comics merchandise license, it would spare no expense in ensuring that their cafe reflects the brand.The little cafe, with not more than 10 tables, is thoughtfully decorated with graphic wall art and menus that resemble actual comic books.




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